Grandad’s WWII Diary – Monday 15th March – Saturday 20th March 1943

Mar 15-20 1943 Click here for entry for Thursday 11th March – Sunday 14th March 1943

Monday March 15

Day 709

Moved into another tent taking place of man away on leave.  Guard duty commenced at night 9-11 then supplied with supper which in reality is breakfast – retired then second shift 3-5AM.

Tuesday March 16

Day 710

Layed in bed most of morning.   During afternoon played cards.  Fairly easy time but believe it will be mightily monotonous after a while.  Guard at night 11-1AM – 5-6AM.

Wednesday March 17

Day 711

Arose about 10AM.  Did some washing of clothes.  On routine parade in afternoon.  Colonel inspected guard.  Shifts at night 7-9 & 1-3AM.

Thursday March 18

Day 712

Pimpernel Smith (1941)
Pimpernel Smith (1941)

Usual morning spent in bed.  Mess here is rather good using china plates & white table cloths.  Tommy outfit around at night with pictures “Pimpernel Smith” after that on late shift.

Friday March 19

Day 713

On day duty today guarding prisoner – guard in general is really a racket.  Played housie at night – no shift tonight owing to day duty.  Began blowing fiercely during night.

Saturday March 20

Day 714

First free day – comes once each eight days…

Click here for entry for Saturday 20th March (cont.) – Thursday 25th March 1943



  1. As I said on Roger Pocock’s reblog, there’s nothing like an original document to bring history to life.
    As for Pimpernel Smith, it’s the film that prompted my father to go on the stage! Such an untimely death for Leslie Howard.

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