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Throwback Thursday – Prince Charles photobombs my Dad

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Throwback Thursday – Care of elephants

A letter in thanks to care of some Elephants who were being transported via Heathrow. Continue reading

Unlocking the treasure chest

One of the gems I was given a few years back from my Grandparent’s estate was this little treasure chest… locked and without a key.   I tried to find someone who might have one online on various antique forums and Freecycle.  No luck there. I called around the banks and was recommended a local branch … Continue reading

It has to go… getting rid of the clutter

Over the last few months I have become strangely aware of how we have managed to fill our home with “stuff”.  When we moved into our current home about 9 years ago, it was much larger than our previous place.  We managed to move in with only a couple of trailer loads of homewares and … Continue reading

Love / Hate Challenge

As the latest round of challenges in the blogging community, I have been nominated by Tonya from fourth generation farmgirl.  Please take time to visit her fantastic blog, the photos are amazing and I always enjoy seeing how someone lives in a completely different environment than mine. This challenge consists of listing ten things that I love … Continue reading

GIVEAWAY – to celebrate 1000 followers – dachshund fridge magnet

Originally posted on 14 Weeks Worth of Socks:
In the past few days here at 14 Weeks Worth of Socks we have just achieved the milestone of 1000 followers.  To celebrate this, we are  going to have another giveaway. Dachshund fridge magnet This time, the prize is a super cute hotdog dachshund fridge magnet. To enter the draw, just…

I’m a winner! (Very Inspiring Blogger Award)

A few days ago, Dorian and her Mum from Dorian’s Hand nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.  What is this all about?  Well its a way to thank and recognise those who’s blog you have enjoyed or been inspired by.  Its also a way to highlight then the different blogs you follow and pay-it-forward in the blog-a-sphere. … Continue reading

August Recrap – and now for something completely different … or not?

Top 5 most viewed of my blog posts are about this same this month as last month. In 5th place a bunch of Kiwi’s and Australian’s checking up on cheap Disneyland tickets – Cheap Disneyland tickets – for New Zealand travellers In 4th place is a recent posting, Mickey’s Mates – shopping on the Disney Wonder Cruise … Continue reading

July Recrap – same old, same old…

So I was hoping that July might be a little more interesting in most popular posts but nope, you guess it… its all about shopping at Disney again… sigh. Coming in fifth place is Duffy the Disney Bear – Tokyo Disneyland Resort – seriously people, what is with Duffy? I don’t get the appeal.  Nasty little … Continue reading

June Recrap – Shopping still popular at Disney & old photos

My top 5 blog postings for June were as follows – 5 Travelling Alone & Keeping Safe – some practical safety advice when travelling alone. 4 10 tips for a stress free Disney trip – having a great trip to Disney needs a bit of planning and strategy.  Else just follow these 10 tips to have a … Continue reading

May Recrap & Disney is a landslide winner!

Wow, what a bunch of Disney geeks enthusists you all are! The 5th most viewed post in May was originally was posted back in January.  Also note, as confirmed by a recent Podcast I listened to, this does also apply to Australians visiting Disneyland! 5.  Cheap Disneyland tickets – for New Zealand travellers I am guessing … Continue reading

April Recrap … Frozen still popular and the Qantas meal saga!

Top 5 blog posts in number of views (in reverse order) were as follows – My second part of the Qantas airline meals saga. 5) Qantas meals – round two… vegetarian or… ?   Practical travel information for those who suffer through long haul flights. 4) 10 essentials on a long haul flight   This one … Continue reading

If there really was a zombie apocalypse …

I love watching The Walking Dead, its one of my favourite TV shows.  But if it was reality, I’m amazed any of them have survived this long.  Most of them seem to have a death wish.  Wandering off alone, not doing the obvious like stopping and listening.  Lets face it, the zombies are stupid, and they … Continue reading

March 2014 recrap – lesbian reindeer porn is the winner!

As per February recrap, the top 5 most viewed posts (in reverse order) were as follows (just in case you missed them) – 5) Grandad’s WWII Diary – Introduction Just before I started this project, which I suspect will me longer to transcribe than my grandfather served, was the introduction to my Grandad’s War diary.   4) Cruising … Continue reading

I’d like to thank my mother, my father, the academy… (Liebster Award)

A few weeks ago, Anna of Kiwi Girl Attempting Italian very kindly nominated me for a Liebster Award.  I’d never heard of it previously but basically its paying it forward in the blogging community, by highlighting other blogs that you like to your readers.  Thank you Anna for liking my blog! What is the Liebster Award? … Continue reading

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