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Then and Now – The Lion’s Head

First photo taken around 1952, with Lion’s head attached to the my father grew up in – Riccarton, Christchurch, New Zealand.  The little boy in the photo is my father aged around 5 years old. Second photo taken yesterday, Gold Coast, Australia.  Lion Head firmly attached to our home here, overlooking the pool. Not sure on … Continue reading

A whole lot of happenings since my last post

I’m not sure anyone has missed the fact I haven’t done a blog post since the middle of February.  I have a good excuse … my dog ate it.  Ok that is a lie, but I do have a good excuse, which I will relate to you, dear readers (or reader – Hi Mum!). About this … Continue reading

A hoarder’s guide to movies

I have mentioned a number of times my Dad’s hoarding.  His latest fixation is movies – VHS movies… Some may consider these towers the 8th wonder of world.  I see it as half a skip full of stuff I will have to get rid of when he dies… likely when being crushed under a pile … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – Tinkerbell, is that you?

Lake Hayes Walkway – near Arrowtown, New Zealand

Since we are staying in Queenstown, not far from the Arrowtown turn off, we decided to take a stroll along part of the Lake Hayes walkway. If you are familiar with the area, we parked at Bendemeer Bay and walked north towards the Lake Hayes picnic area.  Click here for more information on the Lake … Continue reading

An atheist Christmas feast

Although we don’t celebrate Christmas, we did celebrate being on a work expense account.  Dear work, thank you for paying for this most of this delicious food while we are on call in Queenstown for the week 😉 From left to right, top to bottom – Fresh homegrown cherries which are one of the quintessential Christmas … Continue reading

Doglets go on their Christmas hols to Queenstown

While humans are on call in Queenstown for Christmas week, the doglets get to go too – on their first long holiday!  Woohoo! Very excited. As soon as we left the suburbs of Christchurch and started travelling faster, doglets were out like a light!  Car rides are the very bestest fun ever!  If you consider … Continue reading

Glenorchy Church, Library and Museum – near Queenstown, New Zealand

A few weeks ago when I was working Queenstown, I took a few hours to drive out to Glenorchy, you can read about visiting Glenorchy here and about the war memorial here. One of the last things I have to share about Glenorchy, is about their church, the library and the museum. The red roof building … Continue reading

The “C” word

No, not that “C” word!  I mean Christmas! There are typically two common responses when I tell people I don’t celebrate Christmas. The first, complete shock, horror and confusion – how could that possibly be the case?  Because clearly EVERYONE on the entire planet must – right?   For me, its no presents, no huge … Continue reading

Visiting Glenorchy near Queenstown, New Zealand

About 45 minutes from Queenstown is the small township of Glenorchy. Last Sunday I took the opportunity to drive from Queenstown and have a look around. I’ll mostly let the photos do the talking on this post, but lets say its a gorgeous place to visit, so don’t miss it if you get the chance! … Continue reading

Glenorchy War Memorial

About 45 minutes from Queenstown is the small township of Glenorchy, I’ll have another post coming up in the next few days about the town but in the meantime, I wanted to quickly share a little about the War Memorial and the impact of both world wars on this small town. Click on this link … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – Never buy supermarket brand sanitary items

Bestest toy ever… and now its gone

I went to our local school fair yesterday and picked up a ball at the toy stall for $1.  Got it, home, pumped it up and it lasted about 2 minutes before she killed it. But from the videos you can see it was money well spent 🙂 I think she’s also pretty good at soccer … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – Just stop!

Wordless Wednesday – Coffee with a legal opinion

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