The “C” word

Merry Christmas

No, not that “C” word!  I mean Christmas!

There are typically two common responses when I tell people I don’t celebrate Christmas.

The first, complete shock, horror and confusion – how could that possibly be the case?  Because clearly EVERYONE on the entire planet must – right?   For me, its no presents, no huge meal, no visiting extended family I haven’t seen since 365 days ago, no massive debt and no glutinous consumption.  Just a regular day, on albeit a long weekend.

Some people ask why not?  Well because it has no meaning to me.  I’m an atheist so the religious meaning is not there for me.  I have no children so “Father C Word” doesn’t visit either.  I see my parents regularly and they don’t celebrate it either.  My brother celebrates with his wife’s extended family who do the whole Church and Baby Jesus thing.  I’m more than happy to leave them to that…

I’ve been told I’m the Christmas grinch, but I’m not stopping you celebrating (or not celebrating) Christmas in which ever way you see fit.  I’m also not entirely sure what or why I should be celebrating, or who they feel I should be celebrating it with?  I am not doing it to save money on presents and surely that isn’t the real purpose for Christmas is it?

Then there is the second reaction – the complete and utter envy, those wondering how on earth they too can escape it too.  The “How do you get away with that?” comments.

Well, its not compulsory… handy tip, make use of the public holidays and leave the country.   I highly recommend Laos and Myanmar which have been my last two years “Christmas” holidays.  Worse case, tell everyone you are celebrating with someone else and lock the gate 🙂





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