Grandad’s WWII Diary – Summary of entries

Below is a summary of the entries of my Grandfather’s World War 2 diary.  I’ve listed the more interesting diary entries and/or change of sequence events.  For many entries not much happens or is just a daily routine of marching, parades, frustrations, watching movies and writing letters home.

He fought in Operation Crusader in Libya in November 1941 and in the Battle of El Alamein in Egypt in June through August 1942. These entries are in bold.

1941(Leslie) Stuart Sillars - probably taken at Burnham




  1. This is amazing! Thank you, Paula! I look forward to reading your Grandad’s comments–boring, heart-stopping or not. It doesn’t matter. What a tribute to him and to that generation.

    • Thank you. I feel its my duty to share his experiences with the world. Many of my friends and workmates had family who had very similar experiences so its wonderful being able to share with a wider audience. Some of the entries towards the end of 1941 when he’s fighting in Libya and then again in mid-1942 fighting at El Alamein made me wonder how he ever survived.

  2. What a great diary to have. And I can just imagine the work you have done to transcribe it all. Well done. Is there some way I could privately email you please?

  3. Wow! How wonderful that you have this record. I can see what a challenge reading the handwriting is! My father was an MP in England during WWII and I had an Uncle who was at Normandy. Like your grandfather, neither spoke much about their time during the war. They have both passed away now and I wish that I had something like this diary so that I could get to know them better.

    • Its been an amazing experience and privilege to have these diaries. He likely didn’t expect anyone to ever read them, let alone having them shared with the world 70+ years later. I was lucky to know my grandfather as a child and even as a adult but its still hard to think of the man writing the diaries as the man I remember.

  4. Hey, I cant wait to get in and have a read of your new entries since I was here last. well done you.

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