Grandad’s WWII Diary – Friday November 14th – Friday November 21st 1941

Nov 14-21

Click here for diary entry for Wednesday November 5th – Thursday November 13th 1941

Friday November 14th

223rd day

Still waiting – all moves now will be at night. Heavy dust storm blew up. Planes still flying westwards.

Saturday November 15th

224th day

Packed gear at 3.30PM Travelling until midnight. Laying up until 5AM when convoy spread out to usual distance then stopped. Dug slit trenches against air attack.

Sunday November 16th

225th day

Camped all day moving again at night from dusk to dawn when we dug in again. Wrote letters to Mum & Marg but doubt if they will go.

Monday November 17th

226th day

Camped at 7.30AM digging in lavies(?) and slit trenches moving on again at dark until morn. Moved on at 9.30PM.

Tuesday November 18th

227th day

Travelling practically all night. Passed into Libya. Guided through wire and mine fields by Indians. Dug in at daylight. Tanks meet us. 16 ??? brigade.

Wednesday November 19th

228th day

After digging in slept. Two German planes over during afternoon but spotted some of our ??? and cleared off. Big air raid somewhere – scores of bombers flying west. Heard Indians were in action doing well. Tank battles in progress 44 destroyed, 40 captured. Heavy artillery flying all day.

Thursday November 20th

229th day

Jerry planes again over but didn’t drop anything. Heavy artillery going on, Ack-ack often up.

Friday November 21st

230th day

Pulled out of area at 12.30PM Travelled until 7 o’clock in northerly direction. Bedded down 2AM. When passing Sidi Omar heard intensive shell fire.

Click here for diary entry for Saturday November 22nd – Wednesday November 26th 1941



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