Pagodas and Temples – Bagan, Myanmar (part 2)

Escaping from our tour group one afternoon in Bagan, we intrepid explorers wandered across the grassy scrubland to some of the smaller stupas near our hotel.

After visiting the larger temples of Shwezigon PagodaHtilominlo Temple and Ananda Temple, I was keen to explore some of the smaller stupas scattered around Bagan.  No so much frequented by tourists, many had offerings of flowers in them.

Many of the stupas were in small clusters of ones of similar style, shape and design.  Then we’d walk a few hundred metres to the next cluster.

For me, this was the highlight of our visit to Myanmar.

Apologies for the shadowing in some the photos, the sun was dropping due to it being late afternoon and casting a lot of shadow.

P1220174 P1220175 P1220176 P1220177 P1220178 P1220179 P1220180 P1220181 P1220182 P1220183 P1220184 P1220185 P1220186 P1220187 P1220188 P1220189 P1220190 P1220191 P1220192

To see more about our visit to Myanmar, click here.


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