Running – I’m not fast and it’s not pretty

These runners you see bounding along the street making it look easy – they are freaks.  After two years of running 4km – usually 3 times a week – it has never got easier.   I had visions when I started running of sprinting down the street – the equivalent of a human gazelle… reality not so much. Continue reading Running – I’m not fast and it’s not pretty

The Educated Eater

Originally posted on Fat Heffalump:
Recently I was part of a conversation on Facebook about the concept of fat tax/junk food tax/whatever you want to call it.  The current food being demonised is sugar, and this particular conversation was about a proposed sugar tax in New Zealand, but I’m pretty sure that wherever you are has had something similar in the not too distant past. A lot of the conversation centred on how taxing any particular food is over-intervention by the government, however it ended up in the territory of possible ways to get people to eat “healthier”.  As always,… Continue reading The Educated Eater

It’s been a cruel summer

Originally posted on New Zealand Gardener's Diary:
Late Summer/early Autumn in the Garden The mornings are getting cooler and darker.  Things in the garden are definately starting to look Autumn-ish. Lettuce seedlings in barrel Jack-in-the-greens primrose New grass starting to hatch Lime tree has lots of new growth Some strawberries for harvesting Bok Choy under attack from freaking white butterfly ‘pillers. Scallopini are producing a few fruits The rhubarb continues to grow out of control Continue reading It’s been a cruel summer