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10 Links from Each of my First 5 Commenters

Originally posted on Life of Mon:
Oh! My! GOODNESS! After tons and tons and tons of reading, I have selected 10 articles/posts I liked from my first 5 commenters ūüôā After such a long time! Now, it’s time for me to rest¬† ūüėÄ Enjoy! Carl D Agnosta (Selected from his Archives -2015, March-May): A View…

Throw back Thursday – RSPCA newspaper article

My Mum featured in a newspaper article while working at the RSPCA in London – October 30th 1964.

The problems with inter language communication

Fantastic post about my cat the seismic detective.

Household chores are such a drag

Why earth hour is a load of bollocks!

This year, earth hour is 28th March and again we will not be participating. ¬†What a load of bollocks! Last year I wrote a post on why we would not be participating in Earth Hour. ¬†You can read that here. If you are participating this year, ask yourself why? What are you doing for the … Continue reading

HarsH ReaLiTy Challenge – Daily Life in Christchurch, New Zealand

OM from HarsH ReaLiTy challenged bloggers to do a day in the life type blog of our regular every day lives. ¬†The original post is here. ¬†I have been loving the entries and in a small way experiencing other peoples daily lives. Often we post about¬†exotic places we have been but the daily experience of … Continue reading

The Educated Eater

Originally posted on Fat Heffalump:
Recently I was part of a conversation on Facebook about the concept of fat tax/junk food tax/whatever you want to call it.¬† The current food being demonised is sugar, and this particular conversation was about a proposed sugar tax in New Zealand, but I’m pretty sure that wherever you are…

It’s been a cruel summer

Originally posted on New Zealand Gardener's Diary:
Late Summer/early Autumn in the Garden The mornings are getting cooler and darker. ¬†Things in the garden are definately starting to look Autumn-ish. Lettuce seedlings in barrel Jack-in-the-greens primrose New grass starting to hatch Lime tree has lots of new growth Some strawberries for harvesting Bok Choy…

Never let a natural disaster get you down

Today is 4 years since a massive earthquake destroyed Christchurch. ¬†I was going to post a suitably depressing post about the Avonhead Park Cemetery’s Earthquake Interment Site. ¬†But I decided that can wait. ¬†Instead, I’m going to give you a recap of my Facebook posts from 4 years ago. ¬†Humour under the face of adversity… … Continue reading

Confession – I’m a geek

I think its time I got something off my chest and confess. ¬†I’m a geek. ¬†There, said it, I bet you are surprised. Or perhaps not. At some point over¬†the last few years, being a geek has suddenly become cool. ¬†I suspect I’m now¬†a little too old to be cool, and to be fair, I … Continue reading

How to survive high school bullies – by a spotty, nerd girl.

Hands up who has never been bullied, picked on or called names? ¬†NO ONE! ¬†So why is one of the hot topics in the media bullying. ¬†There seems a constant stream of stories of someone who has been bullied at school. While I do not condone bullying in any form,¬†I find it very hard to … Continue reading

Why doesn’t anyone say anything nice?

We¬†seem to increasingly have become a culture of complainers. ¬†No one ever seems to say anything nice or thank someone for doing a good job, or for providing good service. Instead we complain about the weather, the economy, discourteous drivers, poor service. ¬†You name it, we complain about it. ¬†It’s easy to complain, we seem … Continue reading

Saving money on fruit and veg – don’t buy them at the supermarket

I think I pretty much summarised this entire post in the heading. Some years ago, I started tracking how much we spent on living each month – not the occasional frivolous stuff but the actual necessities such as food and utilities. In my spreadsheet, I separated supermarket shops from greengrocer shops. ¬† It really quickly … Continue reading

Two Girls – banned from school for not being “girly” enough

In the last two days I have seen two articles online that have really pissed me off. First up was yesterday about a young girl, who to show support for her friend with cancer, shaved her head. ¬†So what did her school do? ¬†Get behind her to fund raise? ¬†Say way to go, how brave? … Continue reading

“Switching off” for earth hour? Not us.

Today I received an email from WWF NZ regarding earth hour this year being on Saturday 29th March. ¬†We won’t be participating. For us, one hour a year is completely pointless. ¬†Instead we aim to do this every hour of every day. From the WWF NZ website – Some ideas to consider! ‚ÄĘ Go car-free … Continue reading

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