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10 Links from Each of my First 5 Commenters

Originally posted on Life of Mon:
Oh! My! GOODNESS! After tons and tons and tons of reading, I have selected 10 articles/posts I liked from my first 5 commenters 🙂 After such a long time! Now, it’s time for me to rest  😀 Enjoy! Carl D Agnosta (Selected from his Archives -2015, March-May): A View…

Throw back Thursday – RSPCA newspaper article

My Mum featured in a newspaper article while working at the RSPCA in London – October 30th 1964.

The problems with inter language communication

Fantastic post about my cat the seismic detective.

Household chores are such a drag

Why earth hour is a load of bollocks!

This year, earth hour is 28th March and again we will not be participating.  What a load of bollocks! Last year I wrote a post on why we would not be participating in Earth Hour.  You can read that here. If you are participating this year, ask yourself why? What are you doing for the … Continue reading

HarsH ReaLiTy Challenge – Daily Life in Christchurch, New Zealand

OM from HarsH ReaLiTy challenged bloggers to do a day in the life type blog of our regular every day lives.  The original post is here.  I have been loving the entries and in a small way experiencing other peoples daily lives. Often we post about exotic places we have been but the daily experience of … Continue reading

The Educated Eater

Originally posted on Fat Heffalump:
Recently I was part of a conversation on Facebook about the concept of fat tax/junk food tax/whatever you want to call it.  The current food being demonised is sugar, and this particular conversation was about a proposed sugar tax in New Zealand, but I’m pretty sure that wherever you are…

It’s been a cruel summer

Originally posted on New Zealand Gardener's Diary:
Late Summer/early Autumn in the Garden The mornings are getting cooler and darker.  Things in the garden are definately starting to look Autumn-ish. Lettuce seedlings in barrel Jack-in-the-greens primrose New grass starting to hatch Lime tree has lots of new growth Some strawberries for harvesting Bok Choy…

Never let a natural disaster get you down

Today is 4 years since a massive earthquake destroyed Christchurch.  I was going to post a suitably depressing post about the Avonhead Park Cemetery’s Earthquake Interment Site.  But I decided that can wait.  Instead, I’m going to give you a recap of my Facebook posts from 4 years ago.  Humour under the face of adversity… … Continue reading

Confession – I’m a geek

I think its time I got something off my chest and confess.  I’m a geek.  There, said it, I bet you are surprised. Or perhaps not. At some point over the last few years, being a geek has suddenly become cool.  I suspect I’m now a little too old to be cool, and to be fair, I … Continue reading

How to survive high school bullies – by a spotty, nerd girl.

Hands up who has never been bullied, picked on or called names?  NO ONE!  So why is one of the hot topics in the media bullying.  There seems a constant stream of stories of someone who has been bullied at school. While I do not condone bullying in any form, I find it very hard to … Continue reading

Why doesn’t anyone say anything nice?

We seem to increasingly have become a culture of complainers.  No one ever seems to say anything nice or thank someone for doing a good job, or for providing good service. Instead we complain about the weather, the economy, discourteous drivers, poor service.  You name it, we complain about it.  It’s easy to complain, we seem … Continue reading

Saving money on fruit and veg – don’t buy them at the supermarket

I think I pretty much summarised this entire post in the heading. Some years ago, I started tracking how much we spent on living each month – not the occasional frivolous stuff but the actual necessities such as food and utilities. In my spreadsheet, I separated supermarket shops from greengrocer shops.   It really quickly … Continue reading

Two Girls – banned from school for not being “girly” enough

In the last two days I have seen two articles online that have really pissed me off. First up was yesterday about a young girl, who to show support for her friend with cancer, shaved her head.  So what did her school do?  Get behind her to fund raise?  Say way to go, how brave? … Continue reading

“Switching off” for earth hour? Not us.

Today I received an email from WWF NZ regarding earth hour this year being on Saturday 29th March.  We won’t be participating. For us, one hour a year is completely pointless.  Instead we aim to do this every hour of every day. From the WWF NZ website – Some ideas to consider! • Go car-free … Continue reading


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