Why doesn’t anyone say anything nice?

raspberry3_ContentImageLargeWe seem to increasingly have become a culture of complainers.  No one ever seems to say anything nice or thank someone for doing a good job, or for providing good service.

Instead we complain about the weather, the economy, discourteous drivers, poor service.  You name it, we complain about it.  It’s easy to complain, we seem to be able to find fault and look for the negative in practically everything.  Just watch the news critically and take note of anything that is positive, it’s the minority.

The problem is, with focussing on seeing the negative, we pick it up, we dwell on it and we start to see a skewed view of the world.  Yes terrible things happen, but there is so much good in the world too.

I can’t change the world but I can do my part to try to counteract the negative.  I try to make a concerted effort to thank those who do something for me, or acknowledge that a colleague has done a good job or compliment someone on what they are wearing.  It doesn’t cost me anything and it means a lot to the person on the receiving end.

Last week, one afternoon I was sitting at home, covered in doglets, having a Gregg’s Flavoured Coffee (and no this blog post is not sponsored by them)… I thought about how much I enjoyed their drinks, especially the Raspberry Mochaccino (and for what its worth the Caramel Hot Chocolate is yummy too), so I decided to tell them.

I found their online contact us details and sent them an email saying how much I liked their products and asked if they had considered a Coconut Hot Chocolate.  Sent it away and didn’t think anything more of it.

I certainly didn’t expect anything in return.

Then in the post yesterday came the following handwritten note –


Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t recall the last time anyone sent me a handwritten anything. Let alone a company where a staff member took the time to sent me a personal note in response to what I thought was a simple thank you.

And they didn’t stop at a thank you note, they also sent me a voucher for a complimentary box of their yummy sachet drinks.

This is great customer service – to acknowledge the compliments as well as no doubt the complaints.

So my challenge to you is to see the good, thank those who do something for you, those who do a good job. Acknowledge someone is wearing a nice shirt, had a haircut, is wearing pretty nail polish. A smile and thank you won’t change the world but it might brighten someone’s day.





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