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Vietnam – travel cost summary

Back in February when I was arranging our holiday to Vietnam, I wrote of The cost of an organised tour vs Independent Travel. The holiday has now been completed and we are home, while we were away I kept track as much as possible on what we spent. All accommodation included a cooked breakfast, free wifi … Continue reading

The cost of an Organised Tour vs Independent Travel (Vietnam)

We decided to book a trip from Easter through 1 May to take in the public holidays here in Australia.  Success – leave approved from 14th April to 1 May inclusive! Where to then?  Robert’s had a hankering for Vietnam and I thought, why not?!  Its cheap and the food is great.  Its well geared … Continue reading

On the hunt for decent food – Burger King – Kissimmee, Florida

Oh boy! Was I excited to get to go to Burger King and order their Veggie Burger.  The thrill of being able to go to a fast food joint and order straight off the menu – woo hoo! So a Veggie Burger combo including fries and a drink it was.    Cost around $US6. The patty … Continue reading

Wekiwa Springs State Park – Florida, USA

We decided to take a day off from Disney World and head out and see some real Florida.  Our pick was Wekiwa Springs State Park due to the ease of getting there and it only being about 45 minutes drive from our rental villa in Davenport.  None of us had been here before and it was reported … Continue reading

On the hunt for decent food – Taco Bell – Kissimmee, Florida

There are two things I miss as a vegetarian, one is having a choice on a regular restaurant menu “the vegetarian option”…  its not an option if there is only one thing to pick.  The second is being able to get fast food.  While I like to eat healthily most of the time, some days … Continue reading

On the hunt for decent food – Cici’s Pizza – Kissimmee, Florida

Another place we dined while at Walt Disney World in Florida was Cici’s Pizza. There are a number of these scattered around the area and we went to one in Kissimmee on 192. They do takeaway pizza’s and also a dine in buffet.  We did the buffet.  First up, pricing – adults $6.99 and I … Continue reading

On the hunt for decent food – Sweet Tomatoes – Kissimmee, Florida

One of our favourite places to eat when we are in the USA is Sweet Tomatoes, also known in some states as Souplantation.  We have found Sweet Tomatoes in both California and Florida, and often its our “go to” restaurant of choice as vegetarians.  We have rarely been impressed by vegetarian offerings in other restaurants … Continue reading

On the hunt for decent takeaways – Staveley Fish Supply & Hamburger Bar

There are two phone numbers I remember from my childhood – my parents number and the number for the Staveley Fish Supply & Hamburger Bar … 342 7468. As a child, this was always our favourite place to get takeaways, the burgers were amazing! Fast forward a few years and the place has changed owners … Continue reading

On the hunt for decent takeaways – Zab Thai – Upper Riccarton

The birthday boy chose Thai for dinner and picked an old favourite, but one we haven’t been to in ages –  Zab Thai at Upper Riccarton, just near St Peter’s Church.  Takeaway only, no dine in here. He picked Chilli and Garlic (mild) & Peanut Sauce both with Tofu (and vegetables).  I placed the order on the phone and … Continue reading

On the hunt for decent takeaways – Coach Corner Takeaways

I feel I’ve been a bit remiss in not doing a review on the traditional kiwi favourite of a Fish’n’Chip shop – these are usually small, family run businesses. Most neighbourhoods have a handful of Fish’n’Chip shops to choose from, and they usually offer more that just fish and chips. Often they have a selection of hamburgers and … Continue reading

RIP Socks…

As I have mentioned before, I can’t stand waste… and when one sock dies, it seems a shame to throw out its mate. What I do, is keep the good sock, match it with another individual one and then take the newly matched pair on one last holiday (because usually they are close to the … Continue reading

Cheap-skate business travel

I hate waste – food, money, time – it all drives me nuts. In the last month or so I have taken two trips to work in Auckland. Typically my colleagues stay in a serviced apartment, but the choice is ours, as long as we stay within a reasonable budget. As an experiment, I decided … Continue reading

Hong Kong Park, Zoo and Botanical Gardens

After visiting Kowloon Park at the beginning of our trip, we visited  Hong Kong Park, Zoo and Botanical Gardens on our last day. Hong Kong Park, although not as big as Kowloon Park, provides a nice diversion from the hussle of Hong Kong city.  There are again plenty of places to sit and watch the people go … Continue reading

Havelock North – touring by bike

This week, I am working for a few days in Havelock North.  For the geographically challenged, its a small town near the slightly larger small towns of Napier and Hastings in the sunny Hawkes Bay (for the even more geographically challenged, east coast, North Island of New Zealand). On this spectacularly warm, sunny, late autumn … Continue reading

Kowloon Park, Hong Kong

Kowloon Park was just a short walk from our hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui.  The park itself is large and made up of a number of distinct areas you can explore.  From the sculpture park where we sat and watched people doing tai chi to a public swimming pool, children’s playground and even a free … Continue reading

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