Hong Kong Park, Zoo and Botanical Gardens

After visiting Kowloon Park at the beginning of our trip, we visited  Hong Kong Park, Zoo and Botanical Gardens on our last day.


Hong Kong Park, although not as big as Kowloon Park, provides a nice diversion from the hussle of Hong Kong city.  There are again plenty of places to sit and watch the people go by.  There is also free wifi in the park.

P1180890 P1180891 P1180897

Like Kowloon Park, there is also a free museum here too, The Flagstaff House Museum of Teaware.  Don’t go out of your way to visit but again if you wish to cool off in some aircon for a short while, do stop in.  Its fun and interesting featuring some very old Chinese teapots but also some rather fun contempory designs made by students.


The park also includes a large walk through aviary featuring many types of exotic birds and parrots from around the world.  There were a lot of people in here practising their photography skills – with much larger and fancier cameras than mine.

P1180902 P1180925 P1180916 P1180915 P1180909 P1180907 P1180904

The Zoo and Botanical Gardens is the next block over from Hong Kong Park.  The Zoo is completely free but don’t get too excited.  Its more of an old school, city zoo with small cages.  Most of the animals are monkeys, apes and small mammals.  There are also a lot more birds here too.

P1180933 P1180935

I don’t have photos of the any of the animals here as the cages would have been the highlight of the photos rather than the animals themselves.

We did find the frog pond a rather fascinating exhibit. As it was spring when we visited, the frogs were rather vocal.

Frog pond with monkey enclosure behind
Frog pond with monkey enclosure behind

P1180954 P1180955The orchid house was very pretty, although small, and surprisingly cool with the heat outside.

P1180941 P1180939 P1180940And last but not least, the Reptile House.  I was hoping to see some of the native retiles, snakes, lizards and so on.  But its accurately named –  “Reptile” – singular.  A single tortoise.

P1180957A nice break from the city but don’t go out of your way to visit if you are expecting an amazing wildlife experience.





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