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Don’t touch the animals (and would someone tell the animals please?)

Everytime I am about to go on holiday and visit the travel doctor for vaccines, malaria tablets and so on, they always drum into you, how you should never, never, ever, ever touch the animals in a foreign country due to the risk of rabies. Now I for one always avoid the captive animals such … Continue reading

Want to travel light to a developing country? Here’s a good reason not to…

The internet is full of great sites on how to pack light for your holiday to a developing country.  Especially when you have a backpack to carry on and off buses, into remote regions and need to travel with the bare minimum of stuff. However, for a lot of us, thats not how we travel. … Continue reading

One Night in Bangkok

Ok, ok, it was actually two nights in Bangkok but I wanted to get that Chess lyric in as my title for this post.  As the weeks led up to our SE Asia trip it was the topic of many (inane) conversations, which often went something like this – “What will two nights do?” “What … Continue reading

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