On the hunt for decent food – Cici’s Pizza – Kissimmee, Florida

Another place we dined while at Walt Disney World in Florida was Cici’s Pizza. There are a number of these scattered around the area and we went to one in Kissimmee on 192.

They do takeaway pizza’s and also a dine in buffet.  We did the buffet.  First up, pricing – adults $6.99 and I think children 10 and under were $3.99 (plus tax).  Drinks are extra.  Seniors can get a meal including a soft drink for $5.35 including tax.

At this particular location, the cashier was one of the most miserable looking bastards I have ever seen.  He really needs to get a new job if he hates dealing with customers so much.  Not a good first impression.

On to the buffet, drinks are your usual soft drinks plus iced tea.  You can ask for a cup of water for free.


They have a small salad bar, nothing very exciting – lettuce leaves plus a selection of cut vegetables, a pasta salad and a small selection of dressings.

There is hot pasta – spirals and a choice of two pasta sauces – alfredo of marinara.  There was one soup – Chicken Cavatappi (spiral pasta, the same as for the salad).  Mum said the soup was good.  The pasta and sauce was fine, nothing to get too excited about.

IMG_0657Then the main course – pizza!  There was a wide selection of which at least 3 were vegetarian – Margarita, Vegetable and Spinach Alfredo.  For the meat-eaters – the BBQ Pork and the Buffalo chicken proved to be very popular with our group.

There were also Pepperoni, Sausage and a handful of other ones also.

No choices that I saw for those that are gluten-free and vegan’s would likely not find much to eat either.

IMG_0654 IMG_0655 IMG_0656

For dessert they had Apple Bavarian pizza – our group had mixed feelings on this.  “Yum” said some, others said “too sweet!”  The hot cinnamon rolls got a thumbs up all round.


Our group also enjoyed the chocolate fudge brownies.


Our final verdict, it was ok.  Sweet Tomatoes rated higher with our group, but as its nearly twice the price, if you are on a really tight budget, Cici’s Pizza might be a better choice for you.



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