Grandad’s WWII Diary – Tuesday 4th May – Saturday 8th May 1943

May 4-8

Click here for entry for Friday 30th April (cont.) – Monday 3rd May 1943

Part of Beach - Stanley Bay - Alexandria
Part of Beach – Stanley Bay – Alexandria

Tuesday May 4

Day 758

Again out to Stanley Bay where spent the majority of the day.  Returned and at night attended concert at Jewish Club, but rather disappointed with it.

Wednesday May 5

Day 759

During morning did some shopping & packed gear – Left Alex at 3.30PM.  Changing trains at Behna catching Port Said train there.  Reached El Ballah at 11PM where lorry picked me up bringing me on to hospital.

Thursday May 6

Day 760

Spent morning fixing up my gear – cleaning rifle etc.  Weather here much hotter than in Alex.  Began writing at night as too hot to do so during day.  Free night.

Friday May 7

Day 761

Up rather early and did washing.  In afternoon tried to write but too hot so continued in evening.  Another free night.

Saturday May 8

Day 762

Rather late in rising this morning.  After lunch went in lorry over to Canal for swim – rather pleasant there – the Naafi (Navy, Army and Air Force Institutes recreational organisation) runs a  canteen etc and one is able to keep cool in the water.  At night played Housie afterwards writing.  Then going on guard from 12-2AM.  This morning sent away Marg’s & Mum’s parcels.

Click here for entry for Sunday 9th May – Friday 14th May 1943


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