On the hunt for decent food – Burger King – Kissimmee, Florida

IMG_1550Oh boy! Was I excited to get to go to Burger King and order their Veggie Burger.  The thrill of being able to go to a fast food joint and order straight off the menu – woo hoo!

So a Veggie Burger combo including fries and a drink it was.    Cost around $US6.

The patty itself is a MorningStar Farms Garden Veggie Patty and the burger also has the standard lettuce, tomato, onion, gherkins, tomato sauce and mayo.

Verdict – it wasn’t worth it.  The burger was tough and chewy.  So disappointed!

The soft drink was the highlight, the BK we visited had a fancy electronic coke machine with literally dozens of flavour combos.  Coke Zero with Lime … yum!

While I commend BK for at least having a vegetarian burger option, IMO there are better veggie burger patty options available… I’ll stick with Taco Bell for now.

2 thoughts on “On the hunt for decent food – Burger King – Kissimmee, Florida

  1. Hey, here in Australia we have Hungry Jacks which is basically Burger King but with a different name. They too offer a veggie burger, it’s awful but it’s nice to know they thought of us while making menu choices. The problem is this, when I first got to Oz, the ‘veggie burger’ wasn’t even veggie friendly! There was a slice of cheese in the burger that contained rennet. Animal rennet! This annoyed the hell out of me and made me wonder what else was being sold as a meat free option but actually contained hidden animal products :/
    The cheese has since been removed from the burger, but still….

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