Grandad’s WWII Diary – Thursday 9th July – Tuesday 14th July 1942

july 9 - 14

Click here for entry for Friday 3rd July – Wednesday 8th July 1942

Thursday July 9th

Day 459

Another quiet day – am praying he won’t attack us as battalion spread out terribly thin.  Hear heavy bombing at box at night.

Friday July 10th

Day 460

Sighted twelve of his tanks about mid-day – our anti-tank opened up but couldn’t hit any but frightened them off although not before they had opened up some artillery which for the rest of the day gave us plain hell – firing at point-blank range.  Couldn’t raise your head above the ground unless he would lob a few at you.  Pleased when orders came through at night to retire seven miles.  Began moving out at 11PM.

Saturday July 11

Day 461

Returned in half-circle and during afternoon 4PM-5PM brigades began to attack.  Tanks blasted a track through minefields and then we advanced for 4 miles through heavy shelling.  Jerry pulling back a little – unable to reach him that night – so laid out all night in readiness.  Became terribly cold towards morning with only wearing shirt & shorts.

Sunday July 12

Day 462

Advanced another 400 yards then dug in small wadi.  Received more reinforcements from Maadi.  Believe they are sending any one up – good yet pitiful to see some of their base wallowers up in the blue.  Hear we are waiting for armoured div(ision) then attacking.

Monday July 13

Day 463

Remained in same positions. Rather quiet day but shelled heavily towards dusk.

Tuesday July 14

Day 464

Company moved behind BHQ during afternoon.  Large scale attack at night with 4-5 brigades.  Zero hour at 11 o’clock.  Crept quietly towards his lines then waited while a Hurricane flew over showing lights to attack fire then in we went.  23 Battalion roughly in centre of line.  Jerry put up a tremendous fire with mortar & heavy machine gun…

The following extract from World War 2 Timelines website in order to put the above into perspective.

09/07/1942 Renewed German attacks against the British defenses at El Alamein bog down in the face of stubborn British resistance.
14/07/1942 A British attack against axis positions to the South of El Alamein is repulsed.

Click here for entry for Tuesday 14th July (cont.) – Saturday 18th July 1942



  1. Just my thoughts ….

    Day 460 — “. . . orders came through at night to ??? seven miles.” Should read: “. . . orders came through at night to retire seven miles.”

    Day 462 — “. . . then dug in small wadi(?).” Remove the “(?)”. “Wadi” is correct.

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