Two Girls – banned from school for not being “girly” enough

In the last two days I have seen two articles online that have really pissed me off.

First up was yesterday about a young girl, who to show support for her friend with cancer, shaved her head.  So what did her school do?  Get behind her to fund raise?  Say way to go, how brave?  Nope, they banned her.  Apparently the school has a policy “against shaved heads for girls“. Seriously, WTF?  So it would be perfectly ok if a boy did it but not a girl?  The school has now apparently decided to convene a meeting to address the policy.  That seems like a great use of time which could be spent on perhaps educating the children about important things like acceptance and gender equality!   I can’t understand why this would even be an issue?  I understand that perhaps hair if long has to be tied back, and perhaps unnatural colours are not permitted but to have different rules for girls and boys in this era is just plain wrong.  (article is here)

The second one was today about a girl who has been banned from her “Christian” school because she looks and acts like a boy.  I use the word Christian in quote marks, as quite obviously they are far from it practising the love and acceptance they no doubt preach with their faith.  Again, have they not learnt anything about bullying and intolerance of those who are different?  So lets just pretend for one second that perhaps this young woman maybe perhaps is gay or trans – she is potentially going to have a really hard life being accepted.  Shouldn’t the school, where she’s attend and is supposed to be nurtured, educated and supported, actually doing all those things and teaching her some skills she may need to get through life?   Nope, they decide that she doesn’t fit the mold of what a “girl” should be and ban her.  At an age when no doubt she is becoming painfully self-aware that she looks different and perhaps feels different to her friends – doesn’t she need all the support she can get?  (article is here)

The people involved in both of these schools should be ashamed of themselves!




  1. Oh boy do I know where all this is coming from. I was ten years teaching in those kind of schools and there is a post coming up. I agree with you TOTALLY

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