It’s been a cruel summer

Last weekend was summer and drought, but with a down pour of rain overnight and cooler temperatures, it sure feels like autumn today.

I’m not a gardener but keeping an online journal for what is happening in the garden at certain times of year seems like a great idea to me – which is what this reblogged post is about.

Enjoy what is fruiting in our garden in March…

New Zealand Gardener's Diary

Late Summer/early Autumn in the Garden

The mornings are getting cooler and darker.  Things in the garden are definately starting to look Autumn-ish.

Lettuce seedlings in barrel


Jack-in-the-greens primrose


New grass starting to hatch


Lime tree has lots of new growth


Some strawberries for harvesting


Bok Choy under attack from freaking white butterfly ‘pillers.


Scallopini are producing a few fruits


The rhubarb continues to grow out of control


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