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Daylight savings = smoke alarm check

As daylight savings approaches, this typically is when we swap out our smoke alarm batteries.   We always used to swap them out twice a year, none of this testing nonsense for us.  We simply just swap the batteries out and be done for another 6 months.  Invariably, if we didn’t swap them out, rest … Continue reading

My workmates snore … the joy of working from home …

I work in IT and the company I work for is encouraging us to work out of the office more – at home, at a clients location and just to basically hot desk where we can find a space. Its definitely a change in company culture and personal habit and while I’ve worked from home … Continue reading

Don’t touch the animals (and would someone tell the animals please?)

Everytime I am about to go on holiday and visit the travel doctor for vaccines, malaria tablets and so on, they always drum into you, how you should never, never, ever, ever touch the animals in a foreign country due to the risk of rabies. Now I for one always avoid the captive animals such … Continue reading

Hair today, gone tomorrow

A few years ago for a charity fundraiser at work we organised a headshave.  Trying to get people to participate, you would think we had asked if we could chop off their arm (or worse, their left mouse click finger). I thought in a workplace which is predominately men, men with short hair, that it … Continue reading

Hoarders, collectors, decluttering and other people’s trash

I come from a family of hoarders and collectors.  I struggle often with the compulsive need to collect something and it my lifetime I’ve collected many things, polished stones, phonecards, Cabbage Patch Kids, Disney mugs, socks… When my grandmother passed away, my father and his sister had the inenviable job of clearing out a lifetimes … Continue reading

You are what you eat – Egg Salad on Wheat – OMG!

When we are on holiday, we try to be sensible (for the most part) about what we eat.  What could be better than a nice healthy Egg Salad on Wheat sandwich?  Slightly horrifying when reading the ingredients label.  This is why I prefer to make my food from scratch. If you are what you eat, … Continue reading

I am average, and its ok!

Although I try to avoid advertising, its impossible to escape from the seemingly contact barage of adverts trying to make us buy products to make us younger, more beautiful and slimmer. I can only assume that some people are really stupid enough to fall for this bullshit? There is no miracle cream or pill that … Continue reading

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