I was there – July 17, 2015 – Disneyland 60th Rededication Ceremony

Hard to believe a week ago I was in California celebrating Disneyland’s 60th anniversary.  We took part in an Adventures by Disney Backstage Magic, a VIP tour with a focus on the 60th celebration.  This meant VIP viewing for the new parades, fireworks and of course the rededication ceremony on the morning of July 17th.

But let me rewind just a bit to park opening… we were asked to meet at reception in the hotel at 5.45am.  Our adventure guides met us with donuts and we headed into Disneyland.  The park was due to open at 7am and were lead down Main Street just after 6am.

There were cast members lining the street waving to us and welcoming us in.  We later found out that this was especially for our group.  We were also warned as we neared the castle that under no circumstances could we take any photos, as not to spoilt the Disney magic – some setup for the rededication ceremony was still occurring near the castle.

We were taken to get some official photos to the side of the castle.  Then through to Fantasyland, where we waited by Alice in Wonderland and the teacups for a few minutes where I got some fab photos of the empy teacups which I’ll likely share in another post.   Then onto It’s a Small World for a private ride.

By this time the park had just opened.   So back to the Matterhorn where we met with the Imagineer who was the show producer of the new effects in the Matterhorn.  He explained the new effects and why they did them.  They then took us to the front of the line where we boarded our bobsled(s) to see the new effects.  Wow!  Some really nice features and a working Yeti!

Then to breakfast as the Plaza Inn, a character breakfast.  Not sure about you, but early in the morning, I’m not the most perky of people.  I can do without Disney characters trying to hug me while I’m trying to get caffeinated and eat.  Eeyore was having a very bad day…  The food was actually pretty awful, if I’d paid out-of-pocket for this, I’d be sorely disappointed.

Then they took us behind the scenes to the vehicle workshop at Indiana Jones – again no photos (and no spoilers).  Once done there, straight to the front of the line to ride.

And time to start the 10am rededication ceremony, so back to the hub where our small group were led into a roped off area immediately behind the seated VIPs – celebrities, Disney legends, opening day cast members and original Mickey Mouse Club members.

This was a fantastic viewing location.  The regular day guests were right behind us and this pissed some of them off as they had been waiting hours to get a “front row” view and we got to stand right in front of them.  To be fair, they were told that a group would be coming into this area – but that didn’t stop some of them being very vocal in their displeasure.

But then the tour we took was open to the public and for the $$$ they could have joined us … so kiss my front-row-arse rude lady. <mwah>

So now for some photos & video of the 60th ceremony.

First up, a selfie of me and my chins before the ceremony started.


And a photo of the castle decorated in its blue and silver 60th decorations. P1240007

Then the celebrities and VIPs took their respective seats – the man in the centre of the photo with the white hair is Dick van Dyke, Disney Legend and actor.P1240012
To start the ceremony Disneyland President Michael Colglazier welcomed the VIPs (not us 🙂 ) and said a few words including announcing some large donations to the local community over the next few months, including the Girl Scouts who were seated in the VIP area in front of us.

Disney Legend Richard Sherman and Ashley Brown, the actress who portrayed Mary Poppins on Broadway came on stage and performed “Feed the Birds” from Mary Poppins – Walt Disney’s personal favourite song.

Part way through the ceremony, these ducks wandered through 😉


Towards the end of the ceremony, the Disney characters came on stage and the crowd sang Happy Birthday.

It rained confetti and streamers too.

And a final selfie at the end of the ceremony.

P1240040A fantastic experience and worth every cent!  I hope I can make it to the 70th!




  1. Its a shame something like this gets posted by such a big headed person. There are so many “facts” in this article that happen to be incorrect. To begin, I was there in the row behind you. And maybe before you speak about something you should learn the details. It wasn’t until 5 minutes before you showed up that we were told a group was coming, and they were trying to find another space for you as to not block our view. But the complaints were not that you were standing there, it was that your “classy” group held their cameras high above their heads and showed no respect for the people behind you. The woman who was as you say was being vocal, had a daughter who was a girl scout and wanted to take a picture of her, but your group prohibited that because you wouldn’t budge because you paid for that spot. Really??? you couldn’t move out of the way for one minute. You may have bought a spot but you sure didn’t buy any class or respect for those around you. As for the cast members lining Main street waving, that wasn’t for you, it was for all of us. When they opened the gates, they lined the street wishing us a Happy Birthday, just as they did you. And I hate to tell you – they did this for the 50th as well for everyone, not just you. So please get your fact straight. Yes, you may have been a lucky one to jump in and reserve a spot for that day through Adventures by Disney, but why not celebrate the Anniversary and not tell people to kiss your arse. When people were complaining about long bathroom lines, running out of food and over capacity that first day of Disneyland, did Walt say kiss my arse, no he tried to make it the happiest place on earth and accommodated everyone as much as he could. There are a lot of backstage opportunities I have been lucky enough to take part in through Club 33 as well as private viewing areas for parades, fireworks and various ceremonies but not once have I ever made people feel bad for taking part in it, Instead I shared my journey for others who may never get the chance. But I thank you – at least now I know the kind of people that are on Adventures by Disney and will make me think twice about spending 5000.00 on a trip if it means I am stuck with you for 4 days.

    • If the woman yelling had asked politely we could easily have moved for her to take a photo or taken one for her. All I know is that she was screaming insults and yelling at cast members – so yes she can indeed kiss my arse…

  2. I’ve been on that same Adventures by Disney trip (two years ago). We were treated very well, and thankfully we did not have guests around us yelling at us for having reserved viewing spots. Some people did try to get into our reserved area, but the cast members did prevent it. I expected rude guest responses but luckily didn’t get that.

    Also, I was there for the 50th celebration 10 years ago and remember the gauntlet of cast members high fiving me down Main Street. I think what makes it special for the author was that the group didn’t expect them out as early as they were. There were no cast members greeting our ABD group two years ago.

    If the guest who wanted a photo was yelling at cast members, I think she should be kissing everyone’s arse.

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