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Sunset over Bagan, Myanmar (part 3)

The sun finally set and with this comes the end of my blog posts about Myanmar (… probably ūüėČ ). I hope you have enjoyed seeing these photos, and if you ever get a chance, please do go to Myanmar, its a wonderful place to visit! To see more about our visit to Myanmar, click … Continue reading

Sunset over Bagan, Myanmar (part 2)

The sun was dropping behind the horizon, and as we stood at the top of our stupa we could see the spires of the distant stupas in the distance. ¬† The reds and golds of the sunset glowed against the red brick of the stupas and they were even more beautiful. This for me was … Continue reading

Sunset over Bagan, Myanmar (part 1)

I think its fitting for the last few posts on our trip to Myanmar to be of our sunset visit to a stupa. ¬†I confess I don’t know which stupa we were taken to. ¬†Whichever one it was, had an amazing view from the upper tier over the plain of Bagan, with the thousands of … Continue reading

Pagodas and Temples – Bagan, Myanmar (part 4)

So we come to the end of our wander around these smaller stupas in Bagan.¬†For me, this was the highlight of our visit to Myanmar and if I ever return to Bagan, I’ll be heading off to explore more of these stupas. ¬†I’ll let the hoards check out the¬†larger temples such as¬†Shwezigon Pagoda,¬†Htilominlo Temple¬†and¬†Ananda Temple, … Continue reading

Pagodas and Temples – Bagan, Myanmar (part 3)

These smaller stupas in Bagan, I found particularly charming after visiting the larger temples of¬†Shwezigon Pagoda,¬†Htilominlo Temple¬†and¬†Ananda Temple. ¬†While they were beautiful, there was something special about the smaller ones. ¬†Particularly since we were the only ones around and most tourists would never see these. There was no path way around or between them, no … Continue reading

Pagodas and Temples – Bagan, Myanmar (part 2)

Escaping from our tour group one afternoon in Bagan, we¬†intrepid explorers¬†wandered across the grassy scrubland to some of the smaller stupas near our hotel. After visiting the larger temples of¬†Shwezigon Pagoda,¬†Htilominlo Temple¬†and¬†Ananda Temple, I was keen to explore some of the smaller stupas scattered around Bagan. ¬†No so much frequented by tourists, many had offerings … Continue reading

Pagodas and Temples – Bagan, Myanmar (part 1)

After visiting the larger temples of¬†Shwezigon Pagoda,¬†Htilominlo Temple¬†and¬†Ananda Temple, I was keen to explore some of the smaller stupas scattered around Bagan. ¬†And we literally only had to walk a few paces from our hotel to do so. ¬†We felt like intrepid explorers as we left the road and wandered across the grassy scrubland to … Continue reading

Shwezigon Pagoda – Bagan, Myanmar

Shwezigon Pagoda or ŠÄõŠÄĹŠÄĺŠÄĪŠÄÖŠÄäŠÄļŠÄłŠÄĀŠÄĮŠÄ∂ŠÄėŠÄĮŠÄõŠÄ¨ŠÄł as its known in the Myanmar language was the last of the 3 larger temples and pagoda’s we visited in Bagan. Built in 1076 by King Anawrahta, a recent convert to Theravada Buddhism, Shwezigon was built to enshrine a number of Buddha relics including a replica of the Buddha tooth from … Continue reading

Htilominlo Temple – Bagan, Myanmar

ŠÄĎŠÄģŠÄłŠÄúŠÄ≠ŠÄĮŠÄôŠÄĄŠÄļŠÄłŠÄúŠÄ≠ŠÄĮŠÄėŠÄĮŠÄõŠÄ¨ŠÄł or¬†Htilominlo Temple was another of the larger temples we visited in Bagan. ¬†Built by King Nantaungmya in 1218AD, the temple is known to be the last Myanmar Style temple built in Bagan. ¬†The temple is three stories tall and built with red brick. It is known for its elaborate plaster moldings. ¬†Like Ananda Temple,¬†there … Continue reading

Ananda Temple – Bagan, Myanmar

And finally we reach Bagan, which was¬†one of my bucket list locations. ¬† I wcouldn’t wait to see the thousands of stupas scattered across the landscape. ¬†And while I hate to give away spoilers, it didn’t disappoint! Although I was most looking forward to seeing the smaller stupas on-mass, we also visited some of the … Continue reading

Zeniarai Benzaiten Ugafuku Jinja Shrine – Kamakura, Japan

Kamakura is a small town and a popular day trip from Tokyo. ¬†One of the cool places we visited on our visit to¬†Kamakura was the¬†Zeniarai Benzaiten Shrine. This is¬†a small shrine but very popular with visitors. ¬† The shrine is surrounded by high rock walls and is completely concealed from the outside. ¬†Within the shrine … Continue reading

Hase Kannon Temple (Hasedera) – Kamakura, Japan

On our day trip from Tokyo to Kamakura, one of the Buddhist temples we visited was Hase Kannon Temple, also known as Hasedera. This temple was especially poignant¬†as in the grounds are thousands of little statues called Jizo. ¬†These are used by parents mourning the death of a baby through¬†miscarriage, stillbirth, or abortion. The gardens … Continue reading

Daibutsu – The Great Buddha – Kamakura, Japan

The Great Buddha of Kamakura (Kamakura Daibutsu)¬†is a¬†huge bronze statue cast in 1252. It originally was housed in a temple,¬†but¬†the building was destroyed by¬†a tsunami in the 1490s, so¬†the bronze Buddha remains¬†now exposed to the elements. ¬†It weights around 100¬†tons and is over 13m tall. This Buddha is the¬†subject of the poem¬†The Buddha at Kamakura¬†by¬†Rudyard … Continue reading

Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine – Kamakura, Japan

Our starting point for our day trip to Kamakura was¬†Tsurugaoka HachimangŇę the most important Shinto shrine in the area. ¬†The shrine was originally built in¬†1063 and moved to its current location in 1191. For much of its history, for over 700 years¬†until the¬†Shinto and Buddhism Separation Order¬†in 1868, it was also a Buddhist Temple. ¬†One … Continue reading

Visiting Asakusa Shrine in Tokyo, Japan

Our first day in Tokyo we visited the Tokyo¬†suburb of Asakusa. We caught the train following some easy directions from the ticket counter. Try as hard as we could, even with non-existent Japanese we couldn’t get lost. On a couple of occasions we even had helpful locals ensure we got onto the right train – … Continue reading

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