Pagodas and Temples – Bagan, Myanmar (part 3)

These smaller stupas in Bagan, I found particularly charming after visiting the larger temples of Shwezigon Pagoda, Htilominlo Temple and Ananda Temple.  While they were beautiful, there was something special about the smaller ones.  Particularly since we were the only ones around and most … Continue reading Pagodas and Temples – Bagan, Myanmar (part 3)

Htilominlo Temple – Bagan, Myanmar

ထီးလိုမင်းလိုဘုရား or Htilominlo Temple was another of the larger temples we visited in Bagan.  Built by King Nantaungmya in 1218AD, the temple is known to be the last Myanmar Style temple built in Bagan.  The temple is three stories tall and … Continue reading Htilominlo Temple – Bagan, Myanmar