Pagodas and Temples – Bagan, Myanmar (part 1)

After visiting the larger temples of Shwezigon PagodaHtilominlo Temple and Ananda Temple, I was keen to explore some of the smaller stupas scattered around Bagan.  And we literally only had to walk a few paces from our hotel to do so.  We felt like intrepid explorers as we left the road and wandered across the grassy scrubland to some of the smaller stupas.

While these ones weren’t being frequented by tourists, many had offerings of flowers in them and signs of recent human visitation so they are still being used by the local people as places of worship.

Many had been repaired and even more were in ruins, no doubt over the years the pieces being used to repair others.

For me, this was the highlight of our visit to Myanmar.  No other people around and exploring on our own, through these charming, little ancient buildings.

P1220151 P1220152 P1220153 P1220154 P1220155 P1220156 P1220157 P1220158 P1220159 P1220160 P1220162 P1220163 P1220164 P1220166 P1220169 P1220170 P1220171 P1220172 P1220173

To see more about our visit to Myanmar, click here.



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