Pagodas and Temples – Bagan, Myanmar (part 3)

These smaller stupas in Bagan, I found particularly charming after visiting the larger temples of Shwezigon PagodaHtilominlo Temple and Ananda Temple.  While they were beautiful, there was something special about the smaller ones.  Particularly since we were the only ones around and most tourists would never see these.

There was no path way around or between them, no entry fee, no guards.  Nothing except dry grassy terrain and dusty soil.  We were particularly surprised  to see the small pale Buddha figure sitting on the ledge.  There was nothing stopping someone picking up this presumably ancient statue and putting it in their bag.  I can only have faith that future visitors are as honest as those who have visited in the past.

For me, this was the highlight of our visit to Myanmar.

Apologies again for the shadowing in some the photos, the sun was dropping due to it being late afternoon and casting a lot of shadow.

P1220193 P1220194 P1220196 P1220197 P1220198 P1220199 P1220200 P1220202 P1220203 P1220204 P1220205 P1220206 P1220211 P1220213 P1220214 P1220217 P1220218 P1220221 P1220222

To see more about our visit to Myanmar, click here.



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