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Visiting the exclusive 1901 lounge at Disney California Adventure

I hinted in my post about the Carthay Circle Restaurant (and our disappointing meal) that I’d do a post about visiting the extremely exclusive 1901 lounge at Disney California Adventure.

One “must do” for many Disney fan(atics) is getting an invite to the exclusive member-only Club 33 in New Orleans Square at Disneyland.  It’s a simple case of not what you know, but who you know, in order to get an invite.  Well, lets just say that I know some people as I’ve now been there a couple of times 😉

The member-only 1901 lounge at Disneyland’s sister park is even harder to get into.  With Club 33, you can get a member to make you a reservation, but with 1901, the member must visit with you.  They also must be a Platinum member, not just any old Club 33 riff-raff.

The lounge entrance is cunningly disguised right next to the Carthay Circle Restaurant with no obvious outward hints that its there other than a number plaque with 1901 on it.

Like Carthay Circle, the theme is similarly 1930s Hollywood with lots of black and white photos on the walls.  There are also artworks and even Walt Disney’s signature on the walls.  It does feel welcoming with the memoriblia wall and the cosy couches where you just want to sit a while and chat with friends.

Or if you prefer you could get a drink from the bar, complete with the named chairs for Walt, his wife Lillian, brother Roy and his wife Edna.  We didn’t get to sample any of the drinks or edibles but pretty sure it’s all champagne and caviar.

The lounge is a relatively small area, our group of approximately 30 people seemed to fill it nicely.

If you do get to visit, check out the special effect of a shadow of Walt Disney passing across one of the walls.  Very nice touch!

IMG_7609 IMG_7610 IMG_7611 IMG_7614 IMG_7615 IMG_7616 IMG_7617 IMG_7619 IMG_7620 IMG_7621 IMG_7623 IMG_7624 IMG_7625 IMG_7626 IMG_7628 IMG_7629 IMG_7630



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5 thoughts on “Visiting the exclusive 1901 lounge at Disney California Adventure

  1. Pretty cool! Love the ceiling and all the odds and ends on the shelves. The photos are pretty amazing too. Thanks for sharing!

    Posted by Nancy | August 2, 2015, 2:07 pm
  2. Very very neat. It all looks a bit art nouveau. Pays to know the right people.

    Posted by suchled | August 3, 2015, 9:33 pm

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