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Vegetarian Surfers Paradise Dining – Zambrero

  There are a couple of chains around the Gold Coast that do Mexican style food, of these, my pick is Zambrero.  No only is the food delicious but for every meal you buy, someone in need also gets a meal – its a win-win.  The sign in the store on Wednesday when I went, … Continue reading

Vegetarian Surfers Paradise Dining – Poké California

I was looking forward to sharing about a great little hidden gem in Surfers Paradise called Poké California, which opened in the Circle on Cavill mall a few months ago.  I guess I missed the boat though, when I went on Thursday it was busy! It’s still physically not in the best spot, near the Woolworths … Continue reading

Vegetarian Surfers Paradise Dining – PappaRich

For around the last 18 months I have been working in Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast.  I thought it might be fun to share a few of the more inexpensive vegetarian dining options that I pick for a quick, casual lunch. First up, one of my favourites and a fairly recent addition to the … Continue reading

Japan Pavilion at Epcot

Moving further clockwise from Italy Pavilion, and past the American Adventure on our stroll around the World Showcase at Epcot, we arrive at the Japan Pavilion. I love this pavilion.  The gardens are beautiful, the entertainment such as the Taiko Drummers is amazing and the shopping is IMO the best there is in Epcot.  I’ll cover that in another post … Continue reading

Italy Pavilion at Epcot

Once again continuing our stroll around the World Showcase at Epcot, we stop briefly at the Italy Pavilion.  I say briefly as similarly with the Germany pavilion previously there is little of interest here (at least to me).  No ride, no movie.  There are a couple of shops – Italian masks and assorted souvenirs such as t-shirts, bags, scarves … Continue reading

Germany Pavilion at Epcot

Continuing our clockwise visit around World Showcase at Epcot, we have now passed by the Mexico, Norway and China pavilions.  We have now arrived in the Germany Pavilion.  I’m not a huge fan of this pavilion, I find there is little that interests me personally. The miniature train set that is just outside the pavilion did keep my nephews entertained for … Continue reading

China Pavilion at Epcot

As we continue our clockwise visit around World Showcase at Epcot, we have now passed by the Mexico pavilion and the Frozen pavilion Norway pavilion, so our next stop is the China Pavilion. The most noticeable thing about the China pavilion is the colour, particularly after the fairly muted colour tones of Norway. Entrance to the China pavilion is through … Continue reading

Shopping at the Norway Pavilion at Epcot

Just like in the Mexico Pavilion, the Norway Pavilion also has Norwegian inspired items to buy. They have clothing suitable for the hot Florida climate… But also woollen sweaters for travellers from colder places, or when Florida gets that one chilly day each year 😉 They also have a large range of Helly Hansen jackets.   In … Continue reading

Norway Pavilion at Epcot

Continuing our walk around the World Showcase at Epcot, we have now left the Mexico pavilion, and we moved on to Norway.  Much of the Norway pavilion has been taken over by Frozen.  This is a huge shame in my opinion, as Frozen is set it a fictional country and last time I looked at my atlas, … Continue reading

Pretentious food … or who gobbed on my meal?

I don’t get this whole “foam” food thing.  I’m not a fussy eater.  Heck, I’ll try anything that doesn’t have a deceased animal in it.  But when this dish showed up in front of me on our trip to San Francisco last month, it did take me back a second. On the menu, this was listed … Continue reading

On the hunt for decent takeaways – Little India – Merivale

Ah Indian food, I have missed you! This afternoon we took the doglets to visit some friends, so got takeaways from Little India in Merivale on the way home. I used my iPhone to check their online menu and phoned the order through.  We chose the Paneer Shimla Mirch (Home made Indian cottage cheese cooked with … Continue reading

Visiting the exclusive 1901 lounge at Disney California Adventure

I hinted in my post about the Carthay Circle Restaurant (and our disappointing meal) that I’d do a post about visiting the extremely exclusive 1901 lounge at Disney California Adventure. One “must do” for many Disney fan(atics) is getting an invite to the exclusive member-only Club 33 in New Orleans Square at Disneyland.  It’s a simple case of not … Continue reading

Carthay Circle Restaurant at Disney California Adventure

As part of our VIP tour to Disneyland for the 60th, we got a private tour of Carthay Circle Restaurant and the exclusive 1901 lounge (more on that in a future post). This was the first time I’d been inside the Carthay Circle Restaurant.  Typically we don’t do sit down dining while at Disney – it’s … Continue reading

On the hunt for decent takeaways – Hello Vietnam Restaurant – Riccarton

A freezing cold winter night, storms-a-comin’ … takeaways for dinner on the way back from a friend’s place.  We decided to try the fairly recently opened Hello Vietnam Restaurant in Riccarton.  If you know the area, its in the new group of shops on Riccarton Road near the corner of the Clyde Road intersection. A trap … Continue reading

On the hunt for decent takeaways – Chopsticks – Fendalton, Christchurch

Many years ago we lived in the suburb of Bryndwr and regularly visited Chopsticks a Chinese restaurant specialising in Chinese and Malaysian style food. It was always very popular and arrived just as more traditional ethnic foods were starting to become popular. If you are wondering where it’s located, its in the Fendalton Village Mall on … Continue reading

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