Vegetarian Surfers Paradise Dining – Poké California

I was looking forward to sharing about a great little hidden gem in Surfers Paradise called Poké California, which opened in the Circle on Cavill mall a few months ago.  I guess I missed the boat though, when I went on Thursday it was busy!

It’s still physically not in the best spot, near the Woolworths but mostly now hidden by the children’s play equipment.


You could easily walk past and not see it.  There are some outdoor and indoor seating but its not a large space but many customers were getting their meals to go.  There is no airconditioning as its open air, but its shaded most of the day, with a large overhanging canopy.


If you haven’t had a Poké bowl (pronounced poh-kay) before, and you like sushi rolls then you are in for a treat.  The idea is like the Subway model, selecting your own “fillings”, but using rice instead of bread.

You choose your base of  hot rice and/or salad then you add your protein, a selection of vegetables, a sauce or two and toppings.

You could dine here every day of the week and have a different meal each time depending on your choices.

Below is the current menu at Poké California – while it doesn’t specifically mention it, an entirely vegetarian/vegan regular meal is only $10 – not $12.50.


I chose a regular bowl, with half brown rice and half salad, Tofu, every “mixer” except wasabi, chilli and avocado.  For my sauce I chose the delicious Chogochujang – thats red chilli pepper paste with vinegar – I wish I knew how to pronounce it, and a splash of seasame oil.  For toppings I went with crispy garlic and crispy onions … because I work in customer service (luck for my customers, I deal with them primarily on the phone).

Total $10 and very filling.  For Surfers Paradise, thats a bargain!  If you are in the area, definitely check it out, the staff are friendly and the food is delicious and healthy.  Also top marks for the eco friendly cardboard bowls – I wish more places would do that!


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