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Vegetarian Surfers Paradise Dining – Zambrero

  There are a couple of chains around the Gold Coast that do Mexican style food, of these, my pick is Zambrero.  No only is the food delicious but for every meal you buy, someone in need also gets a meal – its a win-win.  The sign in the store on Wednesday when I went, … Continue reading

Vegetarian Surfers Paradise Dining – Poké California

I was looking forward to sharing about a great little hidden gem in Surfers Paradise called Poké California, which opened in the Circle on Cavill mall a few months ago.  I guess I missed the boat though, when I went on Thursday it was busy! It’s still physically not in the best spot, near the Woolworths … Continue reading

Vegetarian Surfers Paradise Dining – PappaRich

For around the last 18 months I have been working in Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast.  I thought it might be fun to share a few of the more inexpensive vegetarian dining options that I pick for a quick, casual lunch. First up, one of my favourites and a fairly recent addition to the … Continue reading

On the hunt for decent takeaways – Hello Vietnam Restaurant – Riccarton

A freezing cold winter night, storms-a-comin’ … takeaways for dinner on the way back from a friend’s place.  We decided to try the fairly recently opened Hello Vietnam Restaurant in Riccarton.  If you know the area, its in the new group of shops on Riccarton Road near the corner of the Clyde Road intersection. A trap … Continue reading

On the hunt for decent takeaways – Five Stars Vietnamese Restaurant – Fendalton

It was my 31st birthday (again!  🙂 ) and my choice for takeaways.  I was tempted to go back to My Hanh but in the theme of trying the different options for takeaways in the area decided we should try Five Stars Vietnamese Restaurant in Fendalton.  We have been here before but again it was years … Continue reading

On the hunt for decent takeaways – My Hanh – Upper Riccarton

This time, cats to the vet for their annual jabs so takeaways it is.  Many years ago we were regulars to My Hanh, a Vietnamese restaurant in Upper Riccarton.  If you know the area, it’s just opposite the standalone Countdown in one of the alleys.  It’s actually just along from last weeks choice Spice’n’Life. Due … Continue reading

Queenstown Vegetarian dining … just for a change, curry …

So this week in Queenstown for my first dinner on Monday night I picked Bombay Palace. They have locations in Queenstown, Frankton, Wanaka and Invercargill. The menu is fairly extensive so from the vegetarian selections I chose the Kadhai Paneer (Fresh home-made cheese cooked with onions, tomatoes, capsicums and green chilli in a thick sauce) with an Aloo … Continue reading

Dunedin dining – week 7 – The Final Countdown (the best of the best)

So during what is my last week in Dunedin, I have decided to do the Best of the Best this week with a revisit to some of my favourite dining places over the last few weeks. But before I do that, I just want to say how much I have loved my time working here!  What … Continue reading

Dunedin dining – week 6 – a bit of this, a bit of that

Monday night, I went back to Punjab Indian Restaurant.   Last time I visited back in week 2 didn’t thrill me.  It was ok, I gave it 3/5. I decided to grab takeaways on my way back to my unit as I was lugging my suitcase and a full backpack, so wanted to pick something along my … Continue reading

Dunedin dining – week 5 – Cambodian and Thai

I feel I should apologise for not once in the last 4 weeks having had Cambodian food in Dunedin – when there are in fact a number of Cambodian restaurants in town. I aim to put that right this week by sampling a couple this week along with Thai (again). So starting on Monday at … Continue reading

Dunedin dining – week 4 – Flavours of the World

Turkish Lunch on Tuesday found me at Anatolia Kebab House where I ordered their Falafel Wrap.  They have a choice of fillings – lamb, chicken, beef, zucchini fritters, falafel etc with your choice of 2 of  5 sauces – their “special” sauce, garlic, chili, sweet chili and BBQ.  I went with their special sauce and the garlic … Continue reading

Dunedin dining – week 3 – Japanese

I confess the first entry in this post was technically lunch last week, so sue me. In the Merdian mall there are at least 4 places to get Japanese style food, 3 sushi places and in the big foodcourt you will find Hikari Sushi.  They have a selection of sushi in a cabinet so you … Continue reading

Dunedin dining – week 2 – Indian (again!)

What can I say, I am a sucker for Indian food. The last time I dined on Indian in Dunedin, despite my best efforts, I missed a couple of places! So first up, dinner on Monday night was Punjab Indian Restaurant. They have a huge menu! I chose the Saag Aloo  (Potatoes cooked with onions, tomatoes, spinach, … Continue reading

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