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Vegetarian Surfers Paradise Dining – Zambrero


There are a couple of chains around the Gold Coast that do Mexican style food, of these, my pick is Zambrero.  No only is the food delicious but for every meal you buy, someone in need also gets a meal – its a win-win.  The sign in the store on Wednesday when I went, said 20 million meals had been donated – that is outstanding!  I am happy to do my part to support this great cause 😉

In terms of the Zambrero in Surfers Paradise, it is located on Surfers Paradise Blvd on the outside of the Chevron Renaissance mall, next to NAB – a short distance along from Max Brenner (chocolate cafe).


For vegetarian options, you are really spoilt for choice – tacos, burritos, bowls and numerous others.  Vegan’s can easily skip the sour cream and cheese.  For vegetarian fillings, you have two choices – beans or spicy cauliflower.

You got me at spicy cauliflower!  Its amazing, but as the wording suggests, its spicy, so beware.  I’m sure if you asked to try a small sample first, the friendly staff would oblige if – they aren’t busy.

I got my usual – which is to say, a classic bowl with spicy cauliflower which comes with jasmine rice, pinto beans, lettuce, cheese, sour cream, tomato salsa, corn salsa, coriander and onion salsa, the spicy cauliflower and a squeeze of lime.  I skip the jalapeños but otherwise have it “as it comes”.  For dressing I had the trezigo.    Total $11.90 which is again, pretty good for Surfers Paradise.

If you go for the “vegetarian” option, you get double rice, double beans and guacamole.

Now for those healthy people reading, you might be interested to know the kj content of the meal – less than 1600kj for the spicy cauliflower bowl including the trezigo dressing – pretty good for fast food.


Note – the vegetarian with double rice and beans jumps up to around 2400kj.  This might be a consideration if you are watching your weight – or alternatively if you are needing a more filling meal.

I give Zambrero also top marks for the compostable bowl and fork!

Since the meals are made to order, you can easily leave out items you don’t care for, and of course add extra items if you wish for a small additional charge.

On Wednesday, I dined in.  They have both indoor and outdoor seating – no air conditioning, so it was pretty warm.  A super nice touch is the games available, and colouring sheets for children. If you want to sit and hangout with friends or family over a meal and a board game, you are welcome to do so.


Final handy hint, make sure you download their app.   I downloaded it and used it a couple of weeks ago at our local Zambrero, and it was flawless.  Same menu, and you can leave out and add additional items, pay with your credit card and ordered done, they provide updates on when your meal will be ready.   Brilliant!

So I will definitely be back to Zambrero in the near future to help them get to the next million donated meals… where are my car keys?


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