The choices we make

As we toughed it through another “freezing” winter here on the tropical Gold Coast of Australia, I reflected on the lifestyle choice we have made. I came here to escape the cold and the place is full of it – ice cream, gelato, sorbet, ice blocks, icy poles, Golden Gaytimes, snow cones…

x7e6471059ad2e9a80ad8398e4c4c67f68ee41ce9.jpg.pagespeed.ic.tPgTHS74dWWhich brings me to the people. Its very hard to quietly go about your business here without some friendly person engaging you in a conversation, as if they had known you for years. Weirdos. Of course the place is full of foreigners, myself included. We really are only here to take jobs from Australians, and probably to steal your women now that marriage equality has finally happened.

The farmers markets and even supermarkets are full of fresh, seasonal tropical fruits. So healthy and inexpensive – they shouldn’t be allowed to sell them. Before you know it, we will all be eating them.

Its not all fun and games though, the job market has loads of availablity in some sectors. Which is a real problem, before you know it, you get a job that you applied for and then… they make you do work! Completely ruins an extended beach vacation!

I do confess the weather in summer is hot, hot, hot. How hot? Well lets just say that the sweat that runs between my boobs and down the crack of my arse isn’t entirely pleasant. Getting out of the shower in the morning and within minutes feeling like you need another isn’t nice. I have had to make an extensive investment into swimwear and deodorant. But I will happily put suffer through that for 9 months of amazing weather.

So with the second week of spring upon us, I am going for a swim since today the pool has hit 28c.


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