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The choices we make

As we toughed it through another “freezing” winter here on the tropical Gold Coast of Australia, I reflected on the lifestyle choice we have made. I came here to escape the cold and the place is full of it – ice cream, gelato, sorbet, ice blocks, icy poles, Golden Gaytimes, snow cones… Continue reading


Lake Hayes Walkway – near Arrowtown, New Zealand

Since we are staying in Queenstown, not far from the Arrowtown turn off, we decided to take a stroll along part of the Lake Hayes walkway. If you are familiar with the area, we parked at Bendemeer Bay and walked north towards the Lake Hayes picnic area.  Click here for more information on the Lake … Continue reading

Doglets go on their Christmas hols to Queenstown

While humans are on call in Queenstown for Christmas week, the doglets get to go too – on their first long holiday!  Woohoo! Very excited. As soon as we left the suburbs of Christchurch and started travelling faster, doglets were out like a light!  Car rides are the very bestest fun ever!  If you consider … Continue reading

Long layover at LAX – what to do?

It’s a fairly common question for travellers with long layovers at LAX.  What exactly do you do?  LAX isn’t the nicest of airports, though it has improved in recent years. Also for New Zealander’s and Australian’s (and likely others) one of the issues is the flights leave late at night, often leaving you with many hours … Continue reading

Visiting the port town of Lyttelton, New Zealand

I had a day off work in the middle of last week (for my birthday), we decided to take a trip over to the port town of Lyttelton which is less than 30 minutes drive from central Christchurch city. As a child we used to visit the town a lot and swim in one of the … Continue reading

Doglets go to the beach

It was a drizzly autumn day last weekend, and as dachshunds are fair weather doglets only, we decided to chance it and hope for the best with a trip to the beach. Good decision, as it cleared a bit while we were at the beach, and the doglets could have a good run around and … Continue reading

Doglets go to the beach

A friend asked if we wanted to meet with Alice and Celia at the beach with some other sausagey friends on Saturday.  We don’t live near the beach, its about 30 minutes away, so its a place we never take our doglets.  We aren’t consciously avoiding it, just we tend to go to parks nearer home. We had … Continue reading

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