Doglets go on their Christmas hols to Queenstown

While humans are on call in Queenstown for Christmas week, the doglets get to go too – on their first long holiday!  Woohoo! Very excited.

As soon as we left the suburbs of Christchurch and started travelling faster, doglets were out like a light!  Car rides are the very bestest fun ever!  If you consider “fun” being studying the insides of your eyelids.


A brief stop in Geraldine while the humans got coffee … while doglets patiently waited in the car.

And waited… what is taking so darn long?IMG_3553Next stop the gorgeous Lake Tekapo, where Doglet #2 showed her humans how much she likes water.  Too bad humans didn’t bring a towel.  Still, she dried off nicely sitting on a human’s lap in the back of the car.

There was lots to do and see on the beach by the lake.  Doglet #1 doing her best “I’m alert” pose.


We said “hello” to the Canadian Geese.

And admried the view – beautiful huh?

Doglets enjoyed exploring around the stones on the beach – lots to sniff.

Look at me, aren’t I gorgeous?

Next stop was Twizel for lunch where doglet #1 tried very hard to convince the human that she shouldn’t eat all of the toasted cheese and onion sandwich.


Having failed that attempt, maybe Nonna might like to share her egg sandwich?

Nonna would not like to share her egg sandwich (big meany!).IMG_3583



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