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Guard dogs… yeah, right!

The slightest hint of a leaf rustling in the garden and there is a stampede of yelling dogs flying through the house to protect us from the possible threat. As I leave for work every day,I don’t have to worry about my family or possessions, while leaving them in the protective custody of these vicious, ankle … Continue reading

My snuggly-buggly

Two years ago we were chosen by a lovely family to take in their precious pup when their lifestyle and her were no longer compatible. Within a few weeks we had broken her of the “no dogs on the furniture” rule from her previous life and she took to the couch and the bed very … Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – Nurse Paula & Sam the sausage dog

Throwback Thursday – Singing for her supper

Click here for more about Ruby

Screaming for a Meme

There is something about this photo I took in Myanmar of this little dog that to me, just screams “caption me”. So what do you think the meme should say? I have created some below and its fun and easy to create one on the memegenerator – so take your best shot and come up with something … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – Tinkerbell, is that you?

Lake Hayes Walkway – near Arrowtown, New Zealand

Since we are staying in Queenstown, not far from the Arrowtown turn off, we decided to take a stroll along part of the Lake Hayes walkway. If you are familiar with the area, we parked at Bendemeer Bay and walked north towards the Lake Hayes picnic area.  Click here for more information on the Lake … Continue reading

Doglets go on their Christmas hols to Queenstown

While humans are on call in Queenstown for Christmas week, the doglets get to go too – on their first long holiday!  Woohoo! Very excited. As soon as we left the suburbs of Christchurch and started travelling faster, doglets were out like a light!  Car rides are the very bestest fun ever!  If you consider … Continue reading

Bestest toy ever… and now its gone

I went to our local school fair yesterday and picked up a ball at the toy stall for $1.  Got it, home, pumped it up and it lasted about 2 minutes before she killed it. But from the videos you can see it was money well spent 🙂 I think she’s also pretty good at soccer … Continue reading

My parents went to the USA and all I got was… this awesome bag of toys!

Cute video of our dachshund “unwrapping” the toys we bought back from the USA for her.

Wordless Wednesday – Spot the Difference

She left a hole in my heart, and my curtains, couch and valance …

Last week I was so excited to bring home doglet #3.  I’d always said that perhaps we had to wait, because somewhere a doglet would need us.  Turned out I was wrong, we needed her… Last Friday, just two days after doglet #3 arrived, I noticed Celia was a bit wobbly on her legs.  Saturday … Continue reading

Pour some Sugar on me

 On Wednesday night we bought home our 3rd dachshund to the family. Grandma took Alice and Celia to the park while we picked her up from the airport. Sugar was very timid and anxious after her flight from the North Island, but the introductions in the park were a non-event with Alice and Celia being … Continue reading

A spoonful of Sugar …

If you have been reading my blog for any length of time you will know that we have been wanting to adopt another dachshund to join our little pack.  Well I’d like to introduce the beautiful Sugar… We are hoping she will be home within the next few days when I can report on how … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – How long should I cook this for?

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