Glenorchy Church, Library and Museum – near Queenstown, New Zealand

A few weeks ago when I was working Queenstown, I took a few hours to drive out to Glenorchy, you can read about visiting Glenorchy here and about the war memorial here.

One of the last things I have to share about Glenorchy, is about their church, the library and the museum.

The red roof building to the left, in the photo below, is the old church.  The green roofed building, is the old town library.



The modern brown building to the right, in the photo below, is the current library and the local community museum.  Unfortunately it was closed when I visited.

But that was because I was too early, and it’s currently only open 1-3pm on a Sunday unless by prior arrangement.  I didn’t like to interupt someone’s weekend just so I could have a nosy.

However, I did take a few minutes to also visit the little church.

The following is taken directly from

“The church is often referred to as the Mission Hall. The name is a reflection of its origins when it was built in 1889 by the Valpy family on their Rees Valley property for the use of the Head of The Lake inhabitants. 

In the 1950′s the church was moved to the present site in the Glenorchy village to be under the care of members of the local community. This little church has never been owned by any denomination so has always relied on the efforts of concerned locals for its upkeep. In 2009/10 a major restoration was undertaken to ensure the survival of the building as a spiritual base for locals and visitors.”

IMG_3184 IMG_3185 IMG_3186 IMG_3188

A tiny place with only about 4 rows of pews but wow, look at that view!



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