The choices we make

As we toughed it through another “freezing” winter here on the tropical Gold Coast of Australia, I reflected on the lifestyle choice we have made. I came here to escape the cold and the place is full of it – ice cream, gelato, sorbet, ice blocks, icy poles, Golden Gaytimes, snow cones… Continue reading The choices we make

10 things I love about living on the Gold Coast

As I get to know my new home here on the Gold Coast, Australia, lets start with a few things I love about it. Winter – OMG, if this is winter, I’ll take it.  While we haven’t lived through a summer yet, which I understand is vile, these warm, sunny, 20C winter days are amazing! Bike paths – there are bike paths everywhere!  I can bike to the nearest mall which is about a 20 minutes away, virtually the whole way on a bike path – completely through parklands.  Ditto to the GCUH tram station. Trams – speaking of trams, the new stage 2 … Continue reading 10 things I love about living on the Gold Coast