Dunedin dining – week 6 – a bit of this, a bit of that

Punjab Indian - Punjab Sabji
Punjab Indian – Punjab Sabji

Monday night, I went back to Punjab Indian Restaurant.   Last time I visited back in week 2 didn’t thrill me.  It was ok, I gave it 3/5.

I decided to grab takeaways on my way back to my unit as I was lugging my suitcase and a full backpack, so wanted to pick something along my way.

My first stop was Anatolia Turkish Restaurant but they didn’t have the zucchini fritters I wanted in my wrap – out of season – so I politely said “ok, maybe next time” and carried on.

The next place that appealed along my route back was Punjab Indian so I thought, what the heck.  I decided to go with the Punbaj Sabji – mixed seasonal vegetables with paneer in an onion gravy.  I’d not had this particular dish before, its not one you see a many menus.  I wasn’t asked about spice level so was going to have it as the chef intended – brave… or foolish?

As you can see in the photo once served with lunch for Tuesday, it was a very generous serving.  The containers were actually rounded.  It came to $15 and I’m giving it 4/5 – it was delicious but could have done with a touch of heat.  It was a mild dish and if I return here, I will try to remember to go for a medium spiced dish. It was much nicer than the Saag Aloo I had last time.  The vegetables were fresh and crisp – green beans, capsicum, cauliflower, carrot, peas and probably a few I missed.  The onion based curry sauce was beautifully smooth and well flavoured.

Tuesday, I was going to get the old Kiwi favourite of burger (vegetarian) and chips from the Chinese & fish’n’chip shop.  However one of the local characters (I call him creepy-huggy guy) was in there ranting at the people behind the counter so I kept walking.


The Asian Restaurant - Eggplant Tofu with Black Bean Sauce on Rice
The Asian Restaurant – Eggplant Tofu with Black Bean Sauce on Rice


I decided to walk as far as Moray Place and go to The Asian Restaurant – which appears to be Chinese food.  They don’t have a website that I can find, but they do have a Facebook page which has a copy of their menu.  None of the takeaway items clearly said vegetarian but I asked about the Eggplant Tofu with Black Bean Sauce on Rice and they said it was.  They asked if I wanted it with fried or steamed rice.  My heart said fried but my head said steamed… with all this food, I need to make sensible choices!  So steamed it was.  I got a large serving for … $7.50 – what a bargain!

It was a busy place at just after 5pm, they were doing a good trade that early with takeaways and already some dine in people.

I did my usual serve half the dish – it came in one large container with the rice under the vegetables & tofu which is why its all a bit of a jumble in the picture.

It was good, I’m not a huge fan of Chinese food – I find its a bit greasy and dull after Thai and Indian but I’m giving this 4/5.  I had a number of people recommend this place so its got a really good reputation amongst the locals.  Its nothing to look at but the food is good.  I’d definitely go back – its cheaper than the mall foodcourt and its cheaper than what I was going to order at the fish’n’chip shop!

Oh and if you are on a gluten-free died, the sign clearly says to ask about gluten-free meals.





Great Wall Takeaway - Vegetarian Burger & Chips
Great Wall Takeaway – Vegetarian Burger & Chips

Wednesday night I decided to aim for the burger and chips from Great Wall Takeaway.  I ordered the Vegetarian Burger & Chips for $7.50.  They have a huge range of the usual fish’n’chip shop items as well as a number of Chinese style meals.  I noticed while I was waiting a woman out the back with a huge pile of cauliflowers to chop into small pieces – so they are cooking using fresh vegetables.

The serving of chips was huge – there was no way I could finish the chips and the burger.  If you are looking for a vegetarian burger, you can forget McDonald’s and Burger King – neither have them on the menu here in New Zealand.  However you will find most of your corner fish’n’chip shops will do one and they really are a mixed lot in terms of content and quality.

I give this one a 3/5 – the “patty” (which some have and some don’t) was obviously home made using the batter from the fish.  It had some vegetables in it but not a lot of flavor.  The burger also had coleslaw, tomato slices, pineapple ring and cheese.  The chips were great though – crispy outside, soft in the middle.

Great value and this place does a roaring trade at lunchtime too – I’ve seen lines of people waiting to get a quick, cheap lunch.






Hikari Sushi - vegetarian selection
Hikari Sushi – vegetarian selection


Thursday for lunch I went back to Hikari Sushi and got a handful of vegetarian items.  I’ve written about them a number of times so I won’t go into details again but I think you’d be hard pressed to find better.  This lot on the platter was $9.20.

Thursday night, I went back to the Cambodian San Restaurant.  This time I tried the San Rice Roll – vegetarian and the Char Mushroom – vegetarian which was Shiitake mushroom with onion, cauliflower, broccoli, carrot and bean sprout.

This place was empty at 6pm on a Thursday night and I don’t understand why – its a great deal, the food is good and the women serving are very friendly and polite – I think its still fairly new.  They have clearly marked Gluten Free and vegetarian items on their menu.

This was $20 with the September special coupon from their website, would normally be $24.

I think the options I chose last time were more tasty but I’d definitely go back again and probably will next week.  I give this 4/5 this time.

Also of note, it was an extremely generous serving for the Char Mushroom.

Next week will be my last week in Dunedin most likely so I think it will “The Best of the Best” to find the ultimate restaurant in Dunedin.

San Restaurant - Fresh Rice Rolls and Char Mushroom
San Restaurant – Fresh Rice Rolls and Char Mushroom



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