Top 10 reasons to love Dunedin

So during the 7 weeks I was working in Dunedin, I found a bunch to reasons to love and visit this great southern city.  Here are my top 10 in no particular order (well except maybe the first one 🙂 )

1 the food
Sorry Auckland but the most part, the food in Dunedin has been exceptional. You really can’t go too far wrong with dining out here. There is something for every budget.  I have loved dining out in Dunedin and if you missed my posts about it, you can read them here – week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4, week 5, week 6, week 7.

2 the art
From the great Art Gallery, to street art on the walls of buildings and bronze penguins on the way to work, Dunedin brings art to the masses.

3 the weather
I would be lying if I said Dunedin has amazing weather all the time – at times it’s bitterly cold, wet and freezing. But it has spectacular and dramatic weather. And on a nice day, it pulls out all stops!

Little Blue Penguins coming ashore at dusk
Little Blue Penguins coming ashore at dusk

4 the Peninsula
Penguins – both Yellow Eyed and Little Blue, The Royal Albatross Centre, New Zealand’s only castle and amazing scenery – who could ask for more?

5 the students
As a university town, it’s vibrant and fun and its got lots to do for those on a tight budget.

6 the shopping
If you want a shopping mall, there is one right in the centre of town. Department stores – Farmers, Arthur Barnetts and the Warehouse, all in the city. Boutiques aplenty. If you like Op shops and second hand goods, it’s shopping paradise!

7 the locals
You couldn’t get a friendlier bunch of people. I have met a lot of people while I have been here and they are a friendly lot. Even the one guy I met asking for money was super polite.

8 the historic buildings
Dunedin has some amazing architecture and a sense of renewed interest and pride is seeing many of them restored and repurposed – it’s fun to explore around the city.  The churches are really worth stopping in at – both the First Church of Otago and St Paul’s Cathedral are beautiful.

9 the museums
The Early Settlers Museum is a must see attraction and if you are at a loose end on a Thursday, they are open until 8pm. Did I mention it’s free? I understand the main museum by the University is excellent too but I haven’t been in recent years. Don’t forget Olveston Historic Home too which rates highly on Tripadvisor. I really enjoyed that when I visited it years back.

10 the traffic
I love that you can cross the main street through town at pretty much any time of day without having to wait.  Yes there are pedestrian crossings but you often don’t need them.  If you have more than about 3 cars ahead of you, its a traffic jam.


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