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Grandad's WWII Diary

Grandad’s WWII Diary – Wednesday 15th April (cont.) – Saturday 18th April 1942

April 15-18

Click here for entry for Saturday 11th April (cont.) – Wednesday 15th April 1942

Wednesday 15th April (cont.)

Ruins on the Turkish-Syrian Border

Ruins on the Turkish-Syrian Border

… with grassy lands both sides of track.  Arrived at Aleppo at 7AM.  Parts of town we saw looked very old and usual Wog type.  Lorries waiting taking us 40 miles to camp.  Camping on Turkish-Syrian Border – Bab Al-Hawa – 1-3 miles of No Man Land separating.  French police and customs inspecting passports(?).  Many old ruins of monasteries close by.  Battalion area covers over 150 miles.  No. 9 platoon on guard.  On aerodrome guard 3 miles down road.

Thursday 16th April

Day 375

Morning off after guard.  Did washing.  Well at entrance of barrier.  Relics of basins out in solid rock. Centuries old.  Saw first Turkish soldiers – one comes over well all cars from Turkey – and NZ goes with all cars proceeding to Turkish border.  At night wolves come down out of hills into camp – howl all through night.

Friday 17th April

Day 376

Parades in morning.  Small march into No Man’s Land.  Sides of hills terribly stony but ??? most of ground cultivated on flat.    In afternoon walked to nearest ruins of monastery.  Thousands of years old.  Great pillars and arches cut out of solid stone.  Wells and underground rooms.  Marvellous carvings on pillars.  Wrote at night.

Saturday 18th April

Day 377

Another small march. Leave in Aleppo during afternoon.  Paid 9 Syrian pounds for £9-0-5 (?).  Buildings in Aleppo old and dilapidated. Very similar to Egyptian ??? all of stone.  ??? main street.  Language French & Arabic.  Beer rather dear although wine cheap.  Really no places of amusement.  Spent most of time in Aust. Naafi.  Back in camp at 11PM.


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4 thoughts on “Grandad’s WWII Diary – Wednesday 15th April (cont.) – Saturday 18th April 1942

  1. These entries regarding Palestine, Lebanon and Syria are extremely interesting to me both for their descriptions of the countryside and for their military activity. This is an area of World War II that is rarely heard about.

    Posted by a gray | October 12, 2014, 6:44 am


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