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Grandad's WWII Diary

Grandad’s WWII Diary – Sunday 19th April – Sunday 26th April 1942

April 19-26Click here for entry for Wednesday 15th April (cont.) – Saturday 18th April 1942

Sunday 19th April

Day 378

On cook house fatigues.  Fairly easy day.  Received more mail.  Wrote.  Weather up this way much better than in Egypt – but many mosquitos.  Slept under nets.  All parts of body covered after 5pm.  Wrote in evening.  Wolves again near camp during night.

Monday 20th April

Day 379

Gone with the Wind (1939)

Gone with the Wind (1939)

Parade in morning, then routine march to Old Roman Road.  Leave to Aleppo.  Saw “Gone with the Wind” – very disappointed.  Saw through many bazaars.

Tuesday 21st April

Day 380

Padre gave Church Parade in morning.  Routine march to native village in afternoon.  Native women making fuel for fires from straw and dung.  Queer team work in plugs – cow and horse, cow-donkey.  On drome guard at night – over 1400 natives working there mostly women.  Drome for bombers.  Wolves even down near drome.

Wednesday 22nd April

Day 381

Returned from drome at 7AM.  Morning free started to write.  Somebody in company had lice.  Cleaned and stayed in tents.  Slept in afternoon.

Thursday 23rd April

Day 382

Usual parades.  Routine march.  Free afternoon.  Played cards during evening.

Friday 24th April

Day 383

Routine march.  Proceded to Idlib (?) for hot shower – 40 miles from Bab al-Hawa  Received mail (Late Feb).

Saturday 25th April

Day 384

Routine march & section stalking.  Guard during night 7-9-3-5-11-1.

Sunday April 26th

Day 385

After guard.  Free day.  Washed clothes and wrote.

Click here for entry for Monday 27th April – Saturday 2nd May 1942



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3 thoughts on “Grandad’s WWII Diary – Sunday 19th April – Sunday 26th April 1942

  1. Very interesting comments regarding wolves.

    Posted by a gray | October 12, 2014, 6:46 am


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