Dunedin dining – week 7 – The Final Countdown (the best of the best)

So during what is my last week in Dunedin, I have decided to do the Best of the Best this week with a revisit to some of my favourite dining places over the last few weeks.

But before I do that, I just want to say how much I have loved my time working here!  What a cool, vibrant city!

Little India - Paneer Shimla Mirch
Little India – Paneer Shimla Mirch

So first up, on a freezing, cold, wet Monday night I decided to head back for a curry!

Off to Little India, which was a favourite back in week 2 and also previously when I visited Dunedin earlier in the year and wrote about it here.  This time, I again went with the Paneer Shimla Mirch (home made Indian cottage cheese cooked with capsicum, onions, tomatoes and spices) which was recommended to me back in April.

It definitely wasn’t a fluke last time, this is completely divine.  Last time I said “It was flavourful without being spicy, a thick tangy curry with fresh pieces of green capsicum and beautifully cooked onion”.  As much as I hate to repeat myself, repeat myself… what more can I say?

The leftovers were just as amazing, and a number of people in the office commented about how good my lunch smelled as I reheated it in the microwave.

I’m pretty sure if I had to eat only at Little India for a week, I could be more than happy with the menu choices – they have loads of vegetarian curries – 17 to be precise, including a number that maybe vegan, but it would pay to check!

I’m giving this 6/5 (it was beyond amazing!).  It was around $15, I forget how much exactly.

Thai Hanoi - Spicy Herbs
Thai Hanoi – Spicy Herbs


Tuesday night took me back to another favourite with Thai Hanoi.  Its got a good reputation and with good reason.  I’ve been here a number of times this trip and never had a bad experience.

I visited in week 1 and twice in week 5. This time I ordered a dish called Spicy Herbs with Tofu.  The menu described it “This dish is flavoured with a wonderful variety of Asian flavours including lemongrass, fresh basil, garlic, green peppercorns and fresh vegetables”.

I liked it but not enough to order it again.  I’ve preferred some of the other dishes I have had here – it wasn’t bad, in fact it was very pleasant, but it didn’t have that wow factor.  It had a bit of a chilli kick to it but wasn’t fiery spicy – just enough to know that there was chilli in it.

I give it a 4/5.  $18.50 from memory.

Service was very quick and the duty manager who was waiting tables and taking orders is was very welcoming.  For 5.30pm on a Tuesday night, there were already a bunch of tables getting meals and a stream of takeaways.

I think again you can’t really go wrong here.

Little India - Aloo Baingan
Little India – Aloo Baingan

Wednesday night was such a beautiful evening I thought I’d go for a walk and get some dinner on the way.  A couple of past favourites I went past didn’t open until 5.30pm so I figure that was a sign to keep walking.  By the time I decided to think about getting food and heading back to my unit, I was right near Little India again and I confess, the meal on Monday night was so amazing I decided, what the heck and try again.

If you recall at least twice when I have been to Little India I have asked about the Aloo Baingan (eggplant with potato) and as its a seasonal dish, it was the wrong season.  Well Wednesday night the curry gods were smiling upon me.  “Yes we have it” – woohoo!

So I ordered it ($15.50) and wandered back to my unit.

Smells divine, and was worth the anticipation and wait.  I’m not sure it was quite as good as the Paneer Shimla Mirch so in fairness I can only give it 5/5.

Little India is the best Indian restaurant in Dunedin – at least for vegetarian food and my workmates from the Dunedin Office tend to agree.  Also a good location for gluten free meals.  Thus far I have loved every single curry.  They tend to do dryish style curry sauces which means they aren’t watered down and are bursting with flavour and fresh ingredients.

San Restaurant - Spring Rolls and Char Noodle
San Restaurant – Spring Rolls and Char Noodle

On Thursday evening after work I visited Toitu Early Settlers Museum (which I wrote about previously here) as its open until 8pm and when I was finished I went back to San Restaurant to get takeaways.  Once again, wonderful service here.

I went with the Spring rolls (which are vegetarian) and Char Noodles which with the September special coupon from their website was $20.

Again I give this 5/5 – it was delicious.  I can’t understand why this place is no more popular but I think its the location down a side street and off the main road that hinders people finding it.

So to summarise, Little India is without a doubt, at least in my opinion the best restaurant in Dunedin – its good value, plenty of options on the menu and the food is outstanding.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this series of posts as much as I did doing the research on them.  🙂



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