Grandad’s WWII Diary – Tuesday 7th April (cont.) – Saturday 11th April 1942

April 8-11

Note – the final entry on this page contains racist and anti-semetic comments.  I have included these as written by my Grandfather without editing.  This is a historical document and he would never had intended it to be read by others.  In no way do I condone or support these comments.

Click here for diary entry for Monday March 30th (cont.) – Tuesday 7th April 1942

Tuesday 7th April (cont.)

… of Keith’s kit.  Learnt it had gone home.  Pictures at night.

Wednesday 8th April

Day 367

Battalion parade – hot shower.  Rest of morning off.  Laid in tent.  Pictures again at night.

Thursday 9th April

Day 368

Moving out today on trip to Syria.  Struck tents at 9AM.  Wrote during afternoon in church army tent hut.  Marched out of area at 6.30PM.  Headed by Pipe Band walking to Maadi siding.  Train left at 9PM in carriages.  Fair good sleep.

Friday 10th April

Day 369

Arrived at Kantara.  Crossing ?? over canal.  Convoyed across on lighters.  Breakfast supplied by Naafi at Kantara – Sinai side  Waited there until midday then carriages again.  Travelled through desert – looks much cleaner than Libyan.  Crossed border into Palestine this night.  Had fairly sound sleep by laying blankets in aisle.  As dusk drew on, ground getting more cultivated.

For a photo most likely taken on this day – click here.

Saturday 11th April

Day 370

At dawn disembarked at ??? – 7 miles south of Haifa.  Line running parallel with coast. Taken to transit camp by Tommy transport.  Beautiful camp – tents under olive trees.  Most of the country much like NZ.  Ground looks very rich.  Oranges plentiful.

Leave to Haifa in afternoon.  In by bus service.  Paid 10/-.  Currency is in ??? 1000 to £.  Port built on slope of hill.  In two terraces Arabs on lower and Jews on upper.  Parts of city very modern – all stone white buildings.  Arabs seem much better race than the wogs.  Many Jews of military age in city – one wonders if Hitler wasn’t right.  Jews seems to live on the soldiers – everything extremely dear.  On further side of port is the …

Click here for entry for Saturday 11th April (cont.) – Wednesday 15th April 1942



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