Grandad’s WWII Diary – Monday March 30th (cont.) – Tuesday 7th April 1942

March 31-April 7 Click here for diary entry for Tuesday March 24th (cont.) – Monday March 30th 1942

Andy Hardy's Private Secretary
Andy Hardy’s Private Secretary (1941)

Monday March 30th (cont.)

… to take us in & out(?).   Saw “Andy Hardy’s Private Secretary”.  Very few troops in Cairo.

Tuesday March 31st

Day 359

More ceremonial parades. Visited Cairo in afternoon.  Spent most of time in La American Bar.  Caught 10.30 bus to camp.

Wednesday April 1st

Day 360

Held rehearsal for General’s parade next day.  Afternoon wrote & washed.  Went to pictures seeing “Charlie Chan on Holiday”.

Thursday April 2nd

Day 361

Held display for Major-General Freyberg.  Whole of 5th brigade on parade. In camp all afternoon.  Pictures at night “The Wild Cat”.

Pimpernel Smith
Pimpernel Smith (1941)

Friday April 3rd

Day 362

Reveille at 6AM.  Proceeded to Cairo to attend church in “All Saints Cathedral”.  Returned to camp 10.30AM.  Held battalion Xmas dinner in Pall Mall theatre.  Very good meal.  Visited Cairo seeing “Pimpernel Smith” at Lux Theatre – has sliding roof.  Looked into a few cabarets arriving in camp at midnight.

Saturday April 4th

Day 363

Had four teeth filled in morning.  Spent day in camp – sleeping & writing.  Pictures at night “I want a Divorce”.

Congo Maisie
Congo Maisie (1940)

Sunday April 5th

Day 364

Church parade held in church army hut.  In camp rest of day.  Very warm weather.  Pictures again.  “Congo Maisie”.

Stronger Than Desire
Stronger Than Desire (1939)

Monday April 6th

Day 365

Battalion Parade.  Advance party left for Syria.  Inquired at kit store about Keith’s kit.  Saw “Stronger than Desire”.

(Keith was my grandfather’s brother who was killed in action)

 Tuesday April 7th (2nd Year O.S) (overseas)

Day 366

Battalion parade.  Practice pack.  Inquired further…

Click here for diary entry for Tuesday 7th April (cont.) – Saturday 11th April 1942



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