Maharajah Jungle Trek – Walt Disney World

I love Disney’s Animal Kingdom, its my favourite of the Disney theme parks in Florida.  The theming through out the park is outstanding.  The Asia section of the park is an unique mix of a number of Asian cultures and countries.  The Maharajah Jungle Trek is a walking path which takes you past a number of beautiful animal habitats including tigers, bats, deer and a massive aviary.

Like all things Disney, there is a background story to this area.  The story goes that is was a Maharajah’s hunting ground which over time became a nature reserve.  You can see the paintings of the Maharajah’s on the walls through the reserve.

Throughout the pathway are some beautiful paintings and carvings, inspired by India.  You might like to compare these Disney walls with the real Haveli paintings in India.

Animal Kingdom is not the sort of place where you rush from attraction to attraction, this is a stop and smell the roses (or bats) kind of place.  The magic is in the details and you need to take it slow and explore the park including all the paths and walkways.

Cart Jungle Trek Sign 2 Jungle Trek Sign Mural 1 Mural 2 Mural 3 Mural 4 Mural 5 Mural 6 Mural 7 Mural 8 Mural 9 Mural 10 Mural 11 Mural 12 Mural 13 Mural 14 Wall Carving 1 Wall Carving 2 Wall Carving 3 Wall Carving 4 Wall Carving 5 Water fountain 2 Water fountain


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