Htilominlo Temple – Bagan, Myanmar

ထီးလိုမင်းလိုဘုရား or Htilominlo Temple was another of the larger temples we visited in Bagan.  Built by King Nantaungmya in 1218AD, the temple is known to be the last Myanmar Style temple built in Bagan.  The temple is three stories tall and built with red brick. It is known for its elaborate plaster moldings.  Like Ananda Temple, there are four Buddhas that face each direction.

Traces of old murals are still visible on the walls, fragments of the original carvings and decorations have also survived on the outside.  Many of the doorways feature elaborate carvings.

Within the walls of the temple was also a small handicraft market where you could get some Myanmar souvenirs.  The sellers weren’t pushy at all and it would have been nice to have a little more time here to view their offerings.  Not that I would have been likely to buy anything, I’m rubbish at shopping.

While we were out in the small market area, we took a peek through the archway to view the other dozens of smaller stupas in the area.  I’ll get to those in a later blog post, so be sure to follow! 🙂

P1210840 P1210842 P1210844 P1210846 P1210848 P1210849 P1210852 P1210856 P1210861 P1210862 P1210864 P1210866 P1210867 P1210870 P1210871 P1210872 P1210876 P1210879 P1210880 P1210884 P1210885 P1210890 P1210892

To see more about our visit to Myanmar, click here.



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