More dead bodies – Puerto Inka, Peru

One of our overnight stops while in Peru, was a pretty basic resort in the middle of what seemed like nowhere, at Puerto Inka (or Inca).  Its saving grace was the amazing Incan ruins just behind the hotel.  We’d already seen the desert mummies so we knew what mummy remains looked like, and human remains and wadding were all over this place.  We had just enough time before sunset to check out the ruins before heading back for dinner.

I’m not sure where the other tourists were, probably hogging the hot water after our journey, but Mum and I were the only people to be seen around this once thriving Incan port town.  Stone walls, outlines of buildings, burial tombs, sand and mummy fluff.

The landscape is so desolate, its hard to believe that anyone could live here.  I’m guessing they did a lot of fishing!

And seriously, is there no one that understands English well enough to translate the signs before they put them up? 🙂DSCN6087DSCN6067 DSCN6068 DSCN6069 DSCN6070 DSCN6071 DSCN6072 DSCN6073 DSCN6074 DSCN6075 DSCN6076 DSCN6078 DSCN6079 DSCN6080 DSCN6081 DSCN6082 DSCN6083 DSCN6084 DSCN6085 DSCN6088 DSCN6089 DSCN6090 DSCN6091For more on travel through Peru, click here.




  1. I think it has probably always been very dry. There is a massive cold current flowing up the west coast of Sth America and the air above is cold and cold air doesn’t hold much moisture. It is the same on the west coast of Africa and Australia and Mexico and Baja California. That’s where all the deserts are and the deserts stop as they approach the mountains. Sorry for the Geography lesson but I would usually take a couple of weeks with a year ten class.

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