Desert Mummies of Peru

When many people think of Peru, they think of the jungle or Machu Picchu, which is what I knew before I travelled there.

Now having been there, when I think of Peru, I think of the vast and incredible desert, enormous sand dunes and crystal clear skies.  Yes Machu Picchu was amazing but I’m not so sure it was the highlight of my incredible trip there, where each day was so varied and we saw one amazing thing after another.

One day on our journey, in the middle of seemingly nowhere we stopped at a small museum.  We were the only visitors and it didn’t appear there was much in the way of civilization for miles around.  This small one room museum had some ancient desert mummies on display and outside, some excavated burial pits.

These weren’t the only mummies we saw, nor were they the only human remains we saw.  From mummie “fluff” at one of the places we stayed and human bones on a sand bank on the edge of the road, it seems that Peru’s ancient past is everywhere you go.


DSCN6047 DSCN6048 DSCN6049 DSCN6053 DSCN6054 DSCN6056 DSCN6059 DSCN6061 DSCN6062 DSCN6063 DSCN6064 DSCN6065 DSCN6066 DSCN6045


I’ll have some more posts coming up on Peru in the next short while so be sure to follow my blog.



  1. Your photos look really spooky and haunting…so evocative and can’t help wishing those Mummies could speak and in a language we could understand!

  2. We are leaving for Peru in mid June and so this post jumped right out at me. I will say at the sight of the first mummy I jumped back from my screen. Absolutely incredible to see this and you are right, not what one thinks of when hearing the word Peru!

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