Ruins and Ruining of Shwe Inn Tain Pagoda – Inle Lake, Myanmar

So finally, as promised the blog post about the Shwe Inn Tain Pagoda complex!

The Shwe Inn Tain pagoda is near the Inn Dain Khone village on the western bank of Inle Lake.  There are apparently 1054 pagodas, but I confess, I didn’t count them.  They were built between 14th & 18th Centuries.

Myanmar is, from what I’ve seen, covered in thousands upon thousands of these ancient pagodas and stupas.  In mass, they are particularly beautiful.

P1220798 P1220804 P1220803 P1220801 P1220811 P1220810 P1220809 P1220806 P1220816 P1220813 P1220812 P1220820 P1220818 P1220817

Now I’m no expert in archeology, but when they say they are “preserving, conserving and renovating” these ancient structures, I typically don’t consider covering them with cement to be a restorative technique.  But what would I know?

Shwe Inn Tain Pagoda complex – Inle Lake, Myanmar P1220828 P1220826 P1220825 P1220823 P1220835 P1220834 P1220833 P1220831 P1220839 P1220838 P1220837

Personally, I think they should be supported and maintained but I don’t think covering them with concrete is the way to go.  😦

I find the image below, fair more beautiful than the one above.



The whole time we were here, I had this song running through my head…


While we were in the Shwe Inn Tain area, we also visited the Shwe Inn Tain Monastery and a small market as well as taking a walk through some of the local villages and visited a school.

To see more about our visit to Myanmar, click here.  Upcoming posts about Bagan and Inle Lake will be coming in the next few weeks, so be sure to follow my blog.



  1. Yea, I agree with you about that questionable restoration technique haha.. Bagan was ‘restored’ in the same way many years back, so what you will see there are restored pagodas. 😦

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