Grandad’s WWII Diary – Saturday 13th February 1943

Feb 13 1943

Click here for entry for Wednesday 10th February – Friday 12th February 1943


S Sillars

A Company (note he has switched from B Company to A Company)

23 Rifle Btn.


Saturday 13th February 1943

Day 679

On tour to Nazareth. Good two-hour journey from Kfar Vitkin climbing up hill similar to Jerusalem.  Passed over Plains of Jezreel.  Nazareth like all other Arab towns.  Visited “Church of Annunciation” built over caves believe to have been part of Virgin Mary’s house.  Church has three altars representing Gabriel the Angel – Mary’s parents & Virgin Mother.  A few steps further on “Church of St Joseph” built over caves which Joseph & afterwards Christ used as carpentering shop.  Church decorated with many beautiful stained windows each representing a different virtue of Joseph.

Saw Franciscan Monastery  which was for a while No 2 N.Z.G.H.  (New Zealand General Hospital). 

Visited “Mary’s Well” only good spring left at Nazareth and is where Mary drew water. Passed on to Synagogue in which Christ preached his first…

 Photos taken on this day as follows – 

Plains of Jezreel, Churches of Annunciation & St Joseph, Nazareth, Palestine 1943 

Photos of Mary’s Well & Franciscan Monastery – Nazareth, Palestine 1943



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