Grandad’s WWII Diary – Wednesday 10th February – Friday 12th February 1943

Feb 10-12

Click here for entry for Wednesday 3rd February – Tuesday 9th February 1943

A Very Young Lady (1941)
A Very Young Lady (1941)

Wednesday Feb 10

Day 676

Paraded before Col. Stout for Medical Boarding – do not know what I got – if anything.  At night “A Very Young Lady” – Jane Withers.

Thursday Feb 11

Day 677

On P.T again, feeling very stiff. Had run over assault course – not very hard.  In afternoon on tour to Nablus – capital of Samaria – which the last Samaritans only 207 now live.  Visited Jacob’s Well which is under care of Greek Orthodox Church.  Nearby rests Joseph’s Tomb – His seven ??? founded the tribe of Samaritans.  While visiting Samaritan’s Synagogue saw part of a hand written Old Testament done over 2000 years ago.  Samaritan themselves seem much similar to a low classed Arab.

Outside the Three-Mile Limit (1940)
Outside the Three-Mile Limit (1940)

Friday Feb 12

Day 678

Rained in morning – did P.T and training in hail(?).  Cleared later so took a stroll through orange groves.  “Outside the Three-Mile Limit (1940)” at night.

Note – this entry completes the first diary my Grandad wrote of his experiences during World War 2 which is why the page shown at the top of the screen is blank – its the hard back cover of the journal.  

Click here for entry for Saturday 13th February 1943



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