Grandad’s WWII Diary – Wednesday 3rd February – Tuesday 9th February 1943

Feb 3-9 Click here for entry for Wednesday 27th January (cont) – Tuesday 2nd February 1943

Wednesday Feb 3

Day 669

Usual morning.  Watched Jerusalem police v. Con. Depot at football.   Police won 5-3.  Night as usual.

Thursday Feb 4

Day 670

The Great American Broadcast (1941)
The Great American Broadcast (1941)

Received mail – had stroll through orange  groves during afternoon.  Pictures at night.  “Great American Broadcast” – Alice Faye. Friday Feb 5 Day 671 Weather still fine.  Played cards & read during afternoon.  Housie at night.

Saturday Feb 6

Day 672

Medical inspection graded A.  Transferred gear into A Company area.  Afternoon on tour to Atlit Castle.  Travelled nearly to Haifa then turned to west.  Looked over Crusader Cemetery.  “Atlit Castle” last stronghold of Crusaders.  Massive stone buildings – network of passage way built  entirely underground.  Fort dates back to _____ over 3000 years ago.  Many bricks cut out of solid stone.  Looked over structure & pipes of Roman water system to supply Caesars.  Enjoyable afternoon.  Housie & pictures in evening.  “Red Barry”. Don “Red” Barry was a well known American actor of the era, who did a lot of Western movies so likely thats what he means when he says “Red Barry”. For photos likely taken on this day, click here.

Sunday Feb 7

Day 673

Church parade in morning.  Drafted for guard.  Wrote & started guard at 4PM.

Let Us Live (1939)
Let Us Live (1939)

Monday Feb 8

Day 674

While on guard duty one prisoner escaped from guard room.  When our guard was relieved our sergeant & compound placed under arrest.  Will probably hear more about it.  Pictures at night – “Let us live” Henry Fonda.

Tuesday Feb 9

Day 675

First morning on PT.  Finding training rather stiff after so little work.  Rested in afternoon – saw that I go on Medical Board tomorrow to be graded.  Housie at night then concert given by Naafi Entertainers – very good performance.

Click here for entry for Wednesday 10th February – Friday 12th February 1943



    • Thanks, pretty sure the missing word is “bricks” – I think its “many bricks cut out of solid stone”. Thanks!

      I have a post coming up in the next few days about Atlit Castle and some photos.

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