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School near Shwe Inn Tain – Inle Lake, Myanmar

One of the things we did while visiting the area near Shwe Inn Tain was to visit a local school at a village.  The tour company we were travelling with supports the local school with donations and technology.  The school was a very basic setup.  Just 3 or 4 class rooms and the short visit by our group caused complete chaos 🙂

The headmistress of the school took time away from her teaching and sat with us for a few moments to meet us and welcome our group to the school.  Our tour leader explained that some children actually live at the school if they live a long way away. So the teachers also become temporary parents too.  When living at the school the children sleep on simple mats on the floor of the classroom.

Some very kind people had kindly purchased a computer with all the accessories for the school including a printer.  Which is great but they had no clue how to use it and no one in the village knew either.  I understand they had it some considerable amount of time and were hoping at some point to be able to purchase a book on how to use a computer.  I just hope someone has installed and set it up for the Myanmar language else if it’s in English (or another language), they will be no better off.

Anyway the children were pleased for this respite during their busy learning day and were happy to pose for photos and did a little impromptu dance for us.


















To see more about our visit to Myanmar, click here.  Upcoming posts about Bagan and Inle Lake will be coming in the next few weeks so be sure to follow my blog.


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7 thoughts on “School near Shwe Inn Tain – Inle Lake, Myanmar

  1. Aren’t they the sweetest looking children.

    Posted by gpcox | April 3, 2015, 2:45 am
  2. The children are very nice and pretty
    Useful tour really

    Posted by عابرةسبيل | April 3, 2015, 5:44 am


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